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And who will suck? !!! Here they look and she is dead !!! Well, they fucking decided to put it in the closet – like a keepsake.
and if necessary use it, on !!!! And then some prince-of-natural heard that there is such a fucking princess that miraculous works — and he went to pick her up with gom-like people, but they don’t like shit, dude – get the current out of here if you suck it – we’ll give it to you.
Well cho do? Love type, fucking! I had to suck – here he is, fucking coming up to her, but the stench is terrible, she began to rot !!!, and put her pisyun in her mouth.

And SHE, fucking, LIFE !! (pisyun something he had a healing) And they lived so, on, up to the very old age, fucking !!! HERE SUCH, on, LOVE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We came.
That evening, Ivan, as always, got drunk with moonshine friends and returned to his home.
He knew very well that his bitch wife would yell at him again, and try to beat her with a slipper like a stinking dog that shat on an expensive carpet.
He knew that nothing would come out of her, and she herself would receive pussies then run away to his mother-in-law, and would swell herself.
This has been going on since their wedding, and they have been together for 15 years.
Ivan was a typical kolkhoznik, the case took place in the village Polovinnoye of the Tula region.
Ivan had friends in the neighboring village of Tugoy, and now he needed to return home through a dark forest.
He was walking through the forest, and he

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was thinking about the bitch to his wife, when he suddenly saw something in the sky resembling the northern lights, he admired this picture.
In the beginning, he thought that he had experienced knowledge from the excessive use of alcohol, but the shine was getting clearer.
It came down from heaven.
Meanwhile, in the village half, almost everyone went to bed.

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Only Ivan’s wife and Natasha, the village whore, who fucked with Kolka the shepherd, didn’t sleep.
All this happened at the very edge of the village in an abandoned hayloft.
Nicholas rarely had the opportunity to fuck young girls, he usually fucked various cattle, and now he was incredibly happy.
Slut Natashka fidgeted and squirmed when the shepherd was putting her on his dick, when suddenly she saw a radiance in the sky.
She farted with delight and delight.
The tractor driver Taras, who was lying on the field, also saw the glow and masturbate, imagining how he fucks the wife of the chairman of the collective-farm beauty Valentina Petrovna.
Taras loved to jerk off, he did it every day, working on the tractor, at home, in the toilet, in the barn, but his favorite place was the field under the night stars.
Even Taras jerked off when he was nervous, it helped relieve tension.
Ivan, standing in the middle of the forest, was watching the radiance, he could not take his eyes off this, when the radiance fell still, and several small dots, like a swarm of insects, almost invisible in the darkness, flew out of it.
After the huge swarm flew out, the glow disappeared.
Ivan felt uneasy.
These points came to him at a very fast speed.
As they approached, they got big black circles.
Ivan was very frightened and ran.
Large circles overtook him.
Ivan stumbled on the branch turned on his back, and the last thing he saw was a lot of black circles that smelled just like Ivan’s old wooden toilet, which had not been repaired since it was built.
Natasha and Nikolai continued to have sex on the roof of the hayloft when the glow disappeared, they did not notice the large black circles.
They changed position, Nikolai put Natasha on all fours, and lane her with such force as he didn’t even fuck his beloved Burenka Pyatnyshko.
They both closed their eyes from pleasure, and did not see how several huge black circles approached them.
Slut Natashka was already ready to receive another orgasm, when suddenly Nikolay’s rhythmic movements stopped, not understanding what was wrong, she turned, but didn’t see her partner, but the member was still in the vagina, Natasha didn’t understand the joke of humor turned over and saw that the member is still in it, and Nikolay has disappeared, she screamed in horror, but not for long, the black holes swallowed her.
The tractor driver Taras finished his occupation and returned home across the field, he had not yet seen circles, he went and saw behind a haystack his friend Boris, who popped a cutting from a shovel for himself, apparently this way he masturbated anally. Online watch sex tv.

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