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Moaned through the gag Denis.
He looked with such a pleading look at the woman.
Only now from her story he shuddered again.

Now they will torture no less sensitive place.
Damn, damn, it would be better if he himself agreed to the proposal of a certain Lady.
After all, she specifically sent me to this sadist.
From grief Denis tears flowed from his eyes.
– God, how I love this procedure.
I usually leave it for later, but today I wanted something like that.
I would like you to quickly become obedient.
With these words, she took out the gag and continued to install the hellish device again.
Even one touch to the skin of the head has already given discomfort.
It seemed there were many flexible and thin needles or wires.
Denis was particularly displeased (he already sank) when it turned out that the central hair of a metal hemisphere went far into the urinary canal.
Now it was clear that everything would be much worse than he had imagined.
However, this was not all.
A similar device was fixed by a woman on his navel with a belt.
Then Denis felt that the metal grips firmly dug into the navel and spread the skin to the sides.

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Though unpleasant, but tolerable.
Of course, these internal struts were sharp enough, which caused discomfort.
– No, now do not even hope for it, having understood everything that Denis wanted to tell her with his eyes.
It is necessary that you feel intolerable punishment.
So that in my head it was postponed once and for all that I only have to hurt myself.
Satisfied with all the preparations, the woman poked the wiring into a black box with buttons and put it next to the button.
Initially, Denis did not feel anything, but soon this began.
The sadist, taking a chair, crouched next to her victim, stroking her body and watching the captive’s reaction carefully.
And then it began.
Hundreds of thin sharp hairs began to randomly crawl over sensitive skin.

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literally exploded from intolerable tickling, which turned into pain.
Denis mechanically turned to the left, to the right trying to drop the hated pipe that captured the member with a death grip.
The hairs under the influence of modern mechanisms that accelerated the pace, then slowed down.
The degree of barbity also arbitrarily changed.
It seemed that an earthen was brought to the head, then a hard brush was led along it, and ants were running along it.
Denis no longer knew how he would better be arched.
Now the brain has drilled in all places.
The bladder was given intolerable pain.
It seemed to be inside the piranha and they bite the skin.
– The most interesting thing is that this effect is so insignificant that it does not damage the skin, but acting on the main nerve points brings a powerful psychological effect.
You are ready for all my whims to consult a convict prisoner. Plus size model sex tape.

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