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Pornhub webcam feet. Only with the help of my wife, my chest was tucked into the bra she bought (she could barely find such a volume of the chest in the laundry store!), The cups were not rigid, but had a beautiful spherical shape, a small amount of soft filler (where necessary), gave my Breasts truly female form! And finally the panties.
Silk shorts with lace inserts tightly optyanuli my ass and successfully hid “before.”
I caught a glimpse of my reflection from the back in the breaking of the mirrors of our bedroom, I was a bit taken aback.
There was a woman there! One could swear that the back of middle-aged ladies in good lingerie was reflected in the mirror.

My member instantly pushed the front of the panties, and in the scrotum nicely sank.
Seeing my condition, Natasha immediately commanded: Darling, remove everything now!

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Everything looks great on you, but your output is tomorrow.
With some reluctance, I began to pull off parts of the female toilet, from which the panties had had enough time to get wet: And I would try on something else! Liked?! What else for example? Kolgotochki.
Not today, dear.
Oh, sorry! Native.
Tomorrow tights tomorrow we will not the topic, but in the future will need to try! The next day stretched endlessly.
I could not live to see the evening, so yesterday’s adventure had an effect on me.
I simultaneously wanted this, and at the same time I was terribly worried.
As such, even a year ago, I could not imagine myself! But the hour has come.
Natalia prepared my toilet, pulled a wig on my head and proceeded to make up.
I sat face to face with her and endured this terrible procedure.

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Poor women, what they just can not stand to achieve beauty! Finally everything was ready.
I was afraid to look at myself! But it was necessary, I looked in the mirror with trepidation and saw in front of me the face of Madame Balsakov’s age, rather messyly painted and even a little impudent.
I didn’t like myself at all, but my wife assured me of the opposite, and in this way we sneaked out of the apartment and slipped into the car.
Having reached the house of Svetlana, the spouse, winking goodbye to me, jumped out of the car and hid in the stairwell.
I was waiting for another test, wear women’s shoes.
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