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It makes the girl laugh more than excites.
She laughs and claps her hands.
Sergei, not at all embarrassed by such an unexpected assessment of his stripping, continued to be naked.

Soon, only panties remained on him, which he, too, began to take off, ridiculously shaking his hips.
This Pauline could not bear and fell into a cheerful tantrum.
– Oh, you crappy girl! Now you answer me for your laugh! Sergey rushes at Polina, who is sitting on the bed, grabs her and starts tickling.
The girl squeals and tries to escape, pulling the arms and legs.
Her dress gets off and Sergei discovers that there are no panties on Polina.
This makes him very happy, and he immediately bites his lips between her legs.
The girl immediately stops struggling and gives up.
She spreads her legs wide and allows a man to caress her.

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Polina already completely trusts Sergey.
By his actions and actions, he proved that he would not do something bad to her, would not force her to do anything, would not do anything without her consent.
How wonderful to be a girl of such a man.
Gentle, but strong, so courageous, but kind.
His caress intensifies the fire of passion inside the girl’s body, and she gladly receives more and more pleasant emotions.
Sergey never ceases to wonder himself.
In his incomplete 38 years, he felt like a 16-year-old in love, an anxious youngster.
At first he was shy of his feelings for Polina.
For a long time he convinced himself that there could be nothing between him and the 18-year-old beauty, but then he gave up.
He could not even imagine that their relationship would go so far and be so beautiful.

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If at the beginning of a relationship, he dreamed of fucking this young beauty, now, he specially delayed this beautiful moment, enjoying the minutes of preludes and preparatory games.
He was all day impressed by yesterday’s performance.
He regretted only one thing, that there was no video left of this action.
Now Polina was lying in front of him, spreading her slender legs, opening her virgin slit for him, trusting him completely.
What could be more beautiful and valuable? Polina felt the insanely gentle and pleasant caress of a man.
She liked to feel his kiss, the play of his tongue, the stroking of his strong hands.
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