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Benefit under all notebooks to see something was really impossible.
The call from Oksana was heard during the longest change – Vika, who was peacefully sitting in the audience at that time and chatting with her girlfriends without any ulterior thoughts, hurried to pick up the phone until someone recognized the tune.
Hello, ”she said, making a sign to her friends and moving away from them to the side so that they would not even accidentally overhear the conversation.

Is your phone with you? – Oksana asked languidly.
Yes, of course, – Vika said blankly.
Take him and find Olga, she is your elder.
Internally a little cold, Vika took out her phone from her purse, seeing the surprised looks of her friends out of the corner of her eye.
“Damn, now I have to explain why I have two mobile phones,” a crazy thought flashed through her.
But she was much more afraid of the fact that Oksana would still involve someone in their games.
Has found, – said Victoria.
Oksana quickly and without hesitation spoke the number.
phone warden, why Vick internally horrified.
She understood what Oksana wanted – to show that she knows all the necessary numbers without Victoria.
I want you to take a phallus and put it in your pussy.
Take a photo in the corridor of the uni so that it can be seen that it is you and the member in the hole.
Judging by my watch, until the end of the change you have, – Oksana was distracted for a second, looking at the clock, – nine minutes.
That is why on performance at you exactly as much.
Do not have time – and your photos will fly to the number of your Olga.
And Oksana disconnected.
And Victoria glanced at her watch — nine minutes.
This time she did not rush.
Just inside something squeezed into a ball.
But thoughts flew.

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My head wasn’t thinking this time about whether or not to take a photo at all.
Vika already internally reconciled with this, had already experienced this state.
“With a photo more, with a photo less – what difference does it have?” Quickly licked her friends that she wanted to get on the air, Victoria grabbed her purse and ran out of the audience, while no one followed her.
Victoria did not know how in other places, and it was difficult for them to go somewhere alone.
Even if you say that your stomach is sticking and you urgently need to go to the toilet – there is a fellow traveler right there.
But Vika wasn’t going to explain anything with surprised looks and explain something now – time was running out.
She rushed through the corridors, and in her head flashed options, as if to withdraw in the university, so that no one noticed.
Still not understanding how she was going to take a photo, Vika jumped into the toilet, since there was no one like that.
The girl with shaking hands got a member out of her purse and feverishly thought.
Her eyes moved to the window.
“Yes, damn it, right there everything is the same, this fool won’t know anything!” And Vika decided to make a photo in the toilet, since there is no one here.
On the background of the window.
But then the door opened and a whole string of girls entered the toilet.
Vika, with a member in her hand, would undoubtedly draw attention to herself, and therefore, barely seeing the door and a flock of girls opened, she immediately slipped into the booth, hiding the phallus with her body in time.
Victoria looked at her watch — five minutes left.
I listened to the voices and immediately realized that the girls were here for a long time.
Vika closed her eyes, took a deep breath.
Well, have to look for another place.
The girl tried to pull herself together.
Yes, time is running out.
Yes, the threat of Oksana impressed her.

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“In the end, just bend down somewhere on the turn and quickly click” – flashed through my head.
Victoria, sitting on the toilet, took out a member and quickly, ignoring the slight pain, tried to shove him into himself.
Vagina responded with bright indignation.
Not a drop of excitement in Vic was not a member did not want to enter, so the girl had to grease it with saliva.
Only when Victoria took the phallus in her mouth, she imagined how she now looks.
The panties are lowered to the ankles, while she sits on a jerk herself and licks the artificial member, listening to some girls chatter.
And, oddly enough, this picture even got her a little. Private sex granny.

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