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All the eleventh grade, we almost every week fucked at his house, the two of us felt like real lovers, I learned to him to kiss passionately.
I got used to my role, I could not imagine myself in bed with another guy, especially a girl.
After high school, the parents let us go together to the south, and it was an unforgettable summer, our honeymoon.

In the small town in the Crimea at night, I often changed clothes for women and together we went to the beach, bathed in warm water and had sex.
No one suspected that the “girl” walked with the guy through the streets, holding hands, and disappeared with him on a wild beach until morning.
Now his father gave him an apartment, where we have been living together for almost a year.
After homework with shaping and aerobics and buying a vacuum breast massager, my body became almost feminine, so at home I am Marina – my beloved girl’s favorite, and I hope this will continue as long as possible.

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Soon came Natasha.
The joy of meeting, of course, we missed each other, and family troubles pushed the frank conversations for a couple of days.
I did not even try to elicit the details of my wife’s trip with Sveta.
We are mature people, I thought, if she needs to tell something, she will tell.
Only when we were able to be alone (you know, life in the same apartment with adult children does not dispose to a cloudless intimate sphere), the wife opened her heart: Sasha, you understand that we were close with Sveta, are close many times.
I nodded silently.
It was good for both of us, but I’m ready to swear to all of you that I missed you! I believe you, whatever new impressions and sensations of intimacy with other people are, native people will remain necessary.

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But nevertheless, Nat, I burn with impatience, at least a few details! In the eyes of the couple, the lights of excitement began to play again: Well, listen:.
We lived in a suite for two people.
The first night we pounced on each other.
I even, by a sinful affair, wondered if I was a lesbian.
Of course, first of all, I analyzed, this is extreme, diversity, rest from family and work, but still.
Yet sometimes I happened as well as ever with a man! There is some kind of zest in this sex, something that makes the brain turn off!
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