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Previously, being girls, they were strongly tied to each other, a lot of good memories began to stir in Polina associated with these cute features.
Coming up with a variety of sharp entertainment, once together they experienced the boredom of a deep province.
Polina always perceived Sveta as her beloved sister and knew that her friend’s attitude to her was similar.

But since after graduation she has escaped from their native, but sickly to her town (a small satellite of the regional center) – their paths have completely diverged.
Sveta remained, preferring the familiar stagnant environment to the ghostly temptations of the big city.
She graduated from the local technical school, got a job through half a block from the house, started a family, gave birth.
From the very first institute years, Polina got used to the feeling of freedom, to a new, fast, torn rhythm, and since then she has avoided returning to her native swamp over trifles.

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They met extremely rarely – the quiet town of childhood influenced Polina distressingly, and then stopped altogether.
The connection is broken.
And now being already 30-year-old young women, quite by chance both were at the same party with mutual friends.
– You also moved? – enthusiastically exclaimed Polina.
– I did not hear! Svetlana, for some reason embarrassed.
– Recently.
– It’s just great! Waiting for you to visit! A huge man, 35–40 years old, accompanied by Svetlana, was represented by Oleg, and introduced himself as a life partner.
Polina looked at Sveta and at the man incredulously.
Even more likely with amazement.
Fat bull was dressed in jeans and a black leather jacket, in which, obviously, great sweating and therefore smelled like a pig.
A whimsical medallion with the image of a strange symbol on a thick gold chain hung from his fat short neck crowning a square reddish swollen face with peepholes and a large, long, wide nose.

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The individual was distinguished by black hair slicked and tied with a tuft at the back of the head and a short dark pointed beard.
But the main thing is a greasy look and a wry grin stuck to thick lips.
Ugly disgusting subject.
Pauline did not immediately like him.
In addition, he openly devoured her body under a thin, tight-fitting dress with his eyes, without even hiding himself from his companion.
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