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And they are still claiming for something, putting pressure on themselves from some kind of ideology and morality.
Being amoral to the bone.
“You would fill the belly with sausage and noodles, We would soar in the sky bare soul!”.

Chronicles! Horror! Darkness! But all this is below! And in flight – the main thing is Flight! Flight Deviator! “.
When suddenly the image that we imagined was perfect, suddenly finds a flaw in itself.
And, in general, most often this is experienced by a perfectionist.
Don Juan was also a perfectionist.
and only once did he mistake his disappointment.
From one point of view – these feelings are close and clear to me, which come almost after each session.
“We are opposite each other.
His dark, almost black eyes, give him a strong personality.
We are talking about restrictions – as far as I can or cannot take them into account.
But this is secondary.
At first, the struggle of views.
He is accustomed to be master of the situation, trying to take over me.
I do not give to do it and maintain the look.
Now I’m trying to find weakness in his eyes.
It seems to be unreal.
I do not recognize my voice – insinuating, low, as if hypnotizing.
I see it flashed.
And there is.
Here is its weak point.
This is a mockery.
One mocking remark that hits the target.

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His attempt to look away.
And now his eyes, his dark eyes, are looking at me.
no longer so dominant.
I take his tie and say the phrase.
But the main thing is not this phrase, the main thing is the power in the voice, the power not of the man, but of the woman who subordinates, provoking with seduction.
That was the beginning

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It was a start that led me especially.
It seems that it looks like a fight in one weight class, where 99% of success depends on this moment.
During the session, I really felt.
And what? Madam, I love you.
I worship you.
Do you have a girlfriend who will make you look at my humiliation? And so, after this primitive wish, I lost all interest in what was happening.
So much so that he had to drive him out, because he ceased to arouse interest.
I need the feeling that he is my property, absolute property, even if it is for one hour, even if he doesn’t call me anything, and as a man (may be) not interested.
And on the other hand.
Here I presented myself in her place.
Here I sit, the embodiment of sexual elegance.
I feel with my whole body the hot looks of men.
Rather, one who does not take his eyes, but so indecisive, delaying acquaintance.
Gosh, a couple more minutes and I’ll get drunk.
Brazenly get drunk in proud solitude.
It’s late, darling.
I feel good with myself.
If you look at things sensibly, what’s the difference, you or someone else? Is the fatality of the femme fatale just baited on males? I know in advance everything that happens.
So why play a comedy? Now you worship me, and after sex I will become just a female for you, just like you are a male for me.
Therefore, I don’t care if I’m vulgar now and drink alcohol from me.
You yourself look like a lustful male, and I know what lies behind all these adorations.
Maybe it is this damned potion that makes me believe in my mirage and self-deception. Sex film online te bekijken.

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