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I threw her on the bed.
I leaned over her and looked into her eyes.
– What are you waiting for? Fuck me already as promised! She growled, her palms clenched around my buttocks.

And then I seemed crazy! I, as if

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possessed, started quickly unbuttoning her blouse, then tightening my narrow skirt and shoes.
God, what a great body she has! The milky-white skin contrasted so much with black hair.
I ran my hand over her panties, they were already so wet.
(It flattered me).
I pulled off my shirt, unbuttoned her bra and grabbed her breasts.
What they were gorgeous! I kissed them, and then gently bit her nipple, to which a moan of pleasure flew out of her lips.
It made me realize that hey likes all of this.
I paved the path of kisses straight to her panties.
With a tongue, I circled every circle, every fold of linen, and reaching the pulsating tubercle, I bit it slightly.
Oksana screamed.
org) I pulled off her panties, kissed her smooth pubis and penetrated the fingers inside her, she herself seemed to sit on him, I connected the second finger and with my lips approached her clitoris.
Feeling that he began to pulsate, and her body squirming, I connected the third finger and then she screamed, and her body trembled.
I pulled out my fingers and licked them.
(Oksana was a sweet girl).
I approached her face and kissed her plump lips.
– I really want to do the same to you, but I do not know how.
– A little embarrassed, she whispered.
– There is no need to be able to feel here.
– I replied, drowning again, kiss her.
She freed herself and went downstairs.

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She pulled off my tight-fitting jeans, panties and froze.
In her eyes was read light emotion and wild desire.
She drew closer to my thighs and kissed them.
For me as if the discharge of current missed! And Oksana continued to play with me: she ran her fingers over her sexual lips, licked them and smiled cheerfully.
She approached the crotch with her mouth and began to work with the tongue.
As if it did not sound, but she did everything masterfully.
I lay with my eyes closed and “flew off somewhere in space.”
I, having made a huge effort over myself, interrupted her at the most interesting place.
I laid her on the bed, and again introduced into her hot womb fingers and rhythmically moved them.
Her intermittent breathing was woven into a thread with moans.
I sat on her leg and began to rub her crotch about her.
Our bodies almost simultaneously began to shudder in sweet convulsions of pleasure.
Having screamed the last time, I fell next to her on the bed and pressed her elastic body to me.
We lay and kissed.
I got an unrealistic buzz from this and then I heard a sweet whisper: “Where’s the promised coffee and playing the guitar?” Reluctantly, I pulled myself off to the kitchen.
While preparing coffee, I thought about one thing: there is a stunning girl in my bed who I know for 2 hours.
By the way, the neighbor Vanya still remembers this case and still asks for Oksana’s number.
On Friday, I came home from work tired, and I wanted to stay at home, and in the morning go to the country and spend the weekend there.
But my wife and her friend wanted to have fun, and sing in a nightclub, and then go from there to the cottage.
They began to persuade me, but I did not want to go.
I told my wife that if she really wants to go, I will not mind, let her have fun without me.
I let them go, and we agreed to meet at the cottage.
After they left, I began to slowly collect things that need to be taken to the country.
After I packed everything, I went to bed.
But for a long time I could not fall asleep, and in order not to turn around all night and not try to fall asleep, I decided to go to the country house.
Arriving at the cottage at two in the morning, I immediately went to bed.
Somewhere in an hour and a half, I was woken up by a car driving up to the house.
My wife arrived, I thought, and dozed off again. Sex free hidden camera.

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