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Licking the penis from the head to the base, he began to lick the eggs, which made Sasha feel dizzy, and he was ready for anything, just to finish soon.
Michael pulled away from Sasha’s personal belongings.
Taking off his pants and himself finally, he got up and brought his club close to the guy’s face.

– Well, ka, suck, as you sucked your counselor! – Mikhail sent the head of his penis to Sasha’s lips; he obediently opened his mouth and took the dick, dropping his jaw strongly.
Yes, dick was hefty.

Sasha’s mouth quickly tired, and he pulled away.
– You can not suck – become a cancer, I will fuck you.
– Mikhail busily pointed his finger at the sofa, Sasha obediently slouched and fell on his hands and knees, taking the ass off.
Mikhail took grease from the bedside table, poured plenty of dick, smeared Sasha’s anus with his finger and put the head of his hot club to it.
Sasha closed his eyes and prepared to take in himself this giant.
Mikhail gently pressed Sasha’s anus with his dick and the head slowly began to sink into the young boy’s point.
– Oh, Misha.

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Oh, slow down, oh.
, – Sashka groaned, for the first time it is driven into such a unit.
He even had doubts about the possibility of his asshole, but the guy was wildly excited, so the process went confidently.
Mikhail came in half and Sasha felt that he was already almost completely filled inside, and that even without the help of his hands he would finish off even a couple of such slow and thick frictions.
Michael felt the same.
The young elastic ass guy strongly squeezed his huge phallus, and it was difficult for him to hold back so as not to end with such arousal.
Still, Mikhail was able to make three more broaching frictions, delving as far as possible, Sasha’s ass and wave of orgasm covered him, the eggs tightened, and a tight stream of sperm splashed out into young depths.
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