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“Sorry, I seem to have taken your time.”
I have to go, I’m sorry, – the girl in a hurry ran out into the street.
Another nightmare was waiting for her through the quarter.

Rosa stared at him for a few seconds.
I even thought that maybe she was still a girl.
But then she came up to me, got on her knees and started to stroke her hand first, and then she touched her lips.
How she touched! It touched.
I didn’t swallow him like a cow cucumber, didn’t nibble a carrot like a hare, but rather touched a bee touching a flower.
An agile movement of the tongue licked a brilliant drop (this drop was already two hours past, since I saw Rosa at the airport.
She ran gracefully with her tongue to the testicles, ran around them with movements similar to the flight of a butterfly, and returned to the tip of the penis

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so that with her full lips folded so that in the dark you can confuse with the vagina.
Rose gently sucked my dick.
At first it seemed to me that this girl had no teeth at all.
Mila’s wife was an expert in her field, but she could both grab and bite when necessary.
Rose was the exact opposite.
She was just made to give men pleasure with her lips.
If they had held the championship on blowouts, then Rosa would have climbed to the podium without controversy.
She sucked my dick like no other.
She lived with my dick in her mouth.
A member dived so deep in her mouth that it already seemed to me that I was starting to ride them on her deep throat.
It couldn’t go on like this for a long time.
I felt a mountain stream roaring in me, I ran an orgasm through my body and splashed Rosa in my mouth so that she only managed to wince in surprise.
Already nothing had to swallow, because all the sperm straight through the throat went into the throat.

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It was as if Rosa had washed her penis with her lips, licked him for a minute before I took her head and raised my face.
“Where did you learn to do this, sorceress?” – I will not say.
– You’re just scaring me.
Tell me right now where you learned this way.
It even bothers me.
Maybe Mila will send to this school.
– No, in such a school is not necessary.
I lived in the same room with my brother.
He was mentally a little behind and not a single girl wanted to date.
And I had to take care of him, because my mother worked all day, and we hardly saw my father, he is a fisherman.
My brother is very naive.
He was always the boys from our quarter took away money and things, and the girls were laughing at him.
All his emotions could always be seen on his face.
If it is fear, then it is animal fear, if joy, then the joy of the child.
When he was 13 years old, yellow spots began to appear on our bed.
I was then 17.
One night I woke up from the fact that the bed was swinging.
I saw him twitching his penis.
This went on several times.
I understood what he was doing, but pretended to be asleep.
Once I felt sorry for him and I myself put my hand on his jerking hand.
He did not immediately understand that it was my hand.
But when he understood, he immediately pulled his hand away from his penis and sobbed sharply.
His dick under my arm began to sneak.
I did not want to upset him and she began to stroke his penis.
But then I didn’t know exactly how it was done and I saw almost pain on his face.
How so? After all, only that he was beaming with happiness, and now it hurts him? I then wrapped his head and began to squeeze it slightly.
Brother calmed down.
Then I thought that he had never had a woman and probably would not, but all his desires are the same as other men and decided to help him a little.
Slipped down and kissed his cock.
He jerked and froze, waiting for what would happen next.
And what came out of it – you tried it yourself.
Did you like it? How do i do this? – Girl, you do not just do it well, as if you were reading my thoughts when you did it.
– Guys, I did not understand something.
I did not wait for you.
Mila appeared in the doorway, vigorously wiping her blond, shoulder-length hair.
– Well, Fedya, did not feed the guest, and you are already forcing her to work? – Milka, Rosa herself took up the job.
– Without me already finished? And I’m rubbing the clitoris in my soul, I’m waiting for you.
You change.
– Milka, well, do not swear.
You know that the two of you are enough for me and still remain.
– When will you calm down? Sex items online india.

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