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I thought he would stop, but he stuffed everything and stuffed it into me.
He probably all 10 inches! I thought in real people this does not happen! It was painful, but I could not tell about it, he just continued until he literally stuck it completely.
Then he started to fuck.

Slowly and painfully, he stuck it out and stuck it again.
I moaned every time, but he probably thought it was because I like it.
It was painful for me to think how far he would stick, but I could not help it.
My mouth was fixed wide open, and my back pressed to the wall.
I could not help it, so it only remained to wait until it was over.
I have never had anything so big and long in the ass.
I felt his cock twitch and realized that he was about to finish.
When he finished it was an impression that he was just starting.
Cum filled and filled me.
This guy gave me an enema from sperm, but I could not help it.
When he finished lowering me – I finished too.
But he quickly took out his penis and without stimulation my orgasm immediately went out.
I was upset – I was waiting for him for half a day: When I didn’t manage to finish – I was very annoyed, for the first time I wanted a man to come in and fuck me as rudely as possible so that I could finally finish.

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Fortunately, this is what happened soon.
I plumaoa that the store has closed, as everything around has suddenly subsided.
But then I heard footsteps behind me, then a buzz, and then two members pushed through and started moving me in my pussy and asshole without stopping.
I realized that these are not real members, but facsimile with tied dildos.
What the hell? I spent the whole day here, fucked by these members and suddenly a car? Suddenly a real dick was put in my mouth.
It was thick, really thick and rather long.
With machines nonstop fucking me, plus a man fucking my mouth – my orgasm was almost nonstop.
It was “triple penetration,” something I never even thought about.
The guy continued to fuck me in the mouth until he filled my mouth with his sperm and doused the face, part of it fell right into my throat.
He took out his penis and soon the cars stopped.
My pussy and ass just burned – for sure, he was pleased with his work.
I felt that the butt plug was pushed into the ass – the same as yesterday – and everything around was plunging into darkness again.
I woke up in the back of the store about 2 nights.
The dildo bought the day before was stuck in me, and the butt plug was lying next to it, and the note on it “If you want to try it again – go back to the same booth and shove this plug in yourself.
I know this is yours: ”
In the morning, as it should

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be after numerous orgasms, I woke up cheerful and cheerful.
The girlfriends have not yet come out, and I took on the role of a cook. Sex online web.

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