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Tension subsided and we got out from under the blanket, we began to whisper in a whisper, discussing the possible consequences of a nearly scandal.
Imagine, well, what would we be able to explain to the tutor, who caught us together, absolutely naked and sweaty under one blanket, in the same bed? So, we quietly chatted with Slavka while lying in his bed and laughed at the, almost arisen, absolutely foolish situation, when suddenly I felt his hand under the blanket.
She lightly touched my leg, just above the knee and began to slowly move up.

My breath caught and I was silent, staring with surprise into the eyes of my friend.
Slavka looked at me point-blank and smiled, and his hand was still slowly and inevitably crawling there.
Well, you know, the path is not long, and soon I felt how his hand gently grasped my balls and began to gently massage them.
My dick instantly reacted and formed under the blanket a significant bump, visible in the pale light cast by the lantern outside our window.
It seems that the original rules of the game have been established between us: you to me, and I to you.
He was already waiting for my hand.
I gently repeated his movements, feeling the thin, delicate skin of his testicles, balls and soft hair rolling in them, rising from the testicles to the plump sausage of his penis.
Slavik smoothly moved his hand even higher and tightly clasping my pussy, he began to peel off the head.
I exactly repeated his movements, giving him the initiative in this new game and showing him my whole readiness to obey her.

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So, in complete silence, perhaps ten minutes passed.
We caressed each other in extreme excitement, when Slavka suddenly removed his hand and began to turn his back on me.
I was completely taken aback, I really didn’t want to stop this game, all the more so sharply and not bringing it to a logical outcome.
But Slavik was already lying with his back turned to me and his ass was closely pressed against me.
I do not know what moved me further.
I have already obeyed my inner instincts, somehow new to me.
My head felt the warmth of his body, and Slavkin’s ass pressed against me more and more closely.
I still remember some sort of fuss, we spent a long time working with him, but something didn’t work out for us until Slava slipped her backpack into a backpack for baby cream.
I can not convey this feeling when the head gently slips through the elastic ring and turns into something warm and soft, enveloping it from all sides and exciting every cell on its surface, spreading sweet tears all over the body with strong waves.
Strange, but I did not feel

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a sense of disgust or anything like that.
Although one thought that you can shove your dick there, probably would have seemed wild before me.
I just did not think about it, but completely surrendered to my new sensations.
It seems that Slavik experienced new sensations.
He moaned softly and tried to hold my cock with his left hand when I gently thrust him into the burning hole of his priests.
I noticed that Slavkin’s end was also extremely tense and felt his hot, smooth surface under my hand.
I don’t know how long it all lasted, but soon I felt an imminent approach of an orgasm and probably my movements became sharper and coarser, because Slavka cried out softly and clutched me with both hands.
After the first push of sperm from my weary member, I felt how soft and easy it was to move it in Slavkina’s ass and I completely stopped restraining myself.
Then, we lay with him, embracing, completely still and slowly came to our senses. Sex reallifecam.

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