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I acutely felt delight when you let me in my ass.
I think that this is the highest form of trust and love, a symbol of ultimate intimacy.
What do you think? I feel you as a loved one, not just a sexual partner.

11, 2001 My favorite boy! Lesbian games sometimes excite me, but I am jealous and therefore prefer two boys and one girl.
First, all their attention to me, and second, I have two members at once.
You liked it, but it just drives me crazy.
By the way, I always wonder if it will remain just a dream and a fantasy? Flo.
11, 2001 I did not understand the last phrase.
And how do you handle the two? I often dream to have three members or even four to fill all your holes.
11, 2001 Maybe you can describe it yourself? I actually have one, maximum two.
12, 2001 I will try.
Imagine the two of you, your American and me, in your bedroom.
At first you are a bit embarrassed by this situation, but we start kissing you, and you hold his neck, and with your other hand you stroke my face.
We are a little jealous of each other, we want to take the most advantageous position, however, soon there is only passion for you in us.
The desire to enjoy you and give everything that we have to you.
We start to undress you – unbutton buttons on the blouse, hooks on the skirt.
Having remained in shorts, you sit down on a table, and we slowly lower the stockings from you, we iron your feet.
You yourself take off your panties and combination and stay naked before us.
How I want to rush to you and put a member in your hole! But you have to hold back.
Now we both leisurely undress until we find ourselves fully armed.

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Here comes the moment when you take into our hands our risen, tense members.
I’m a little jealous of my opponent: his dick is obviously bigger.
But, as Suvorov said, not by number (size), but by skill.
You obviously command a parade – directing us in different directions.
You take his cock in your mouth and open your pipka for me.
I think, whether to go straight into the pipka or into the ass.
I get down on my knees and start licking your clit.
I hear at the same time your groans and his: your blowjob ejects from him not even a groan, but a roar.
I feel how you react to my touch.
Your pink clitoris turns into a big red dagger.
I suck it, lick, kiss, and feel how you shudder, I hear your new and new moans.
That’s when another girl would be needed at this time to suck me! But I’m already close to detente, but I still can not tear myself away from your vagina.
I chew on my lips, vaginal lips, licking pubic

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hair, deeply sticking my tongue into you, where there is a lot of white liquid.
I do not know whether you have already finished or are still waiting for an orgasm.
I’m unbearable, and, getting up, I climb into you.
It seems you are just waiting for this.
You moan, you make moves, stimulating my dick.
And I stood for a few seconds indifferently, feeling the pulsation of your vagina.
You continue to compose his penis, and with your hand reach for my scrotum and pull it and moan to make me start active movement.
I hear your moan: I wantuuuuuuuuuuu !!! Yes, I myself so want that I can not wait a second more.
My dick starts to move – once and twice.
I feel how you squeeze your legs, reducing the wet vagina.
Now I am narrow and very good.
I do not remember anything, but through the veil I hear the cry of the ending American, your roar, and.
we finish at the same time with you.
We are lying on the bed, I kiss gently-gently your eyebrows, ear, your neck.
We all breathe heavily, we are happy, we are so good! You run to the bathroom, and we stay lying with him.
He is a healthy, strong man, but a member hangs helplessly, while mine is still militantly standing (this is usually for me: a member stands some time after an orgasm).
You come back all in a spray of soul – cool pressed against our heated bodies.
I feel a new wave of desire, I run my hand over your legs, over your stomach. Situs live streaming sex.

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