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Hugging Olya with my right hand, with my left hand I caressed her moving hips, then moistened with our desire.
Meanwhile, Pasha’s hands, caressing Olya’s belly, unexpectedly descended below to the cherished place and again began to touch the excited wet lips right through the panties.

The girl pulled away from our kisses, impatiently moved her ass, making loud cries with her mouth wide open and almost closing her eyes.
We both squeezed in a tight embrace shamelessly screaming woman, excites us with his shamelessness even more! With some difficulty figuring out what we were doing, we quickly pulled off our panties and through the girl’s wet panties.

Reaching out to Oli’s exciting cave, I felt a hot and wet tender skin, covered with bristles of fine hair.

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She, in response, clung to the excited crotch to my hand, squeezing my hard member with her hand.
Exposing the head of my penis, she threw her leg over mine, with the second hand pushing me down.
Driven by the hand of a girl, I found myself with a firm sticking phallus right at the hot entrance to her bosom.
Imperiously pulling me to her own elastic thigh, Olya leaned forward a little more and the big red head of my cock rested against the slippery and soft slit, gently pressing on the girl’s genitals, but not penetrating inside.
Slightly shifting from side to side, my phallus, moistened with female lubricant, slowly penetrated the vagina over its entire length.
The enveloping softness of Olya vulva spread bliss all over my body and I frantically cried out in unison with the woman voluptuously curving from my cock.
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