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Why is everything black? – I love the secret, I love the night, the black color is not necessarily mourning, it is an unknown warmth.
Unknown to others, only for relatives.
– Do I wear black too? Or is it all white? – joked Constantine.

– And what is your soul more drawn to? – To white and fluffy.
– Well, then put on all white.
And yet, come on “you”! – the brunette demanded an intriguing enthusiasm, – We have known each other for more than ten minutes, and we will carve everything and we will vykat, it’s not so ethical.
– You are reading.
You are reading my mind! – Konstantin laughed, – Tomorrow is Friday, then let’s meet the day after tomorrow, will I come to five? – Come on! – Oksana retorted approvingly.
Konstantin was filled with the joy of a small child, all he could add to the phone was, See you.
– and his throat caught a lump of sweet emotions.
– See you, Kostya.

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Put on all white.
ru) And what, it is very extravagant! For his twenty-five years, Constantine only twice put on all the white, he had little to wear the angelic veil.
And for the sake of this uncommon brunette, it was possible to prideat even now, in the fall.
Snow white pants, T-shirt, jacket and shoes with a golden buckle, Constantine erected in Don Juan maneuver.
He entered with his ringing shoes on the porch of a three-story bookstore at a quarter to seventeen.
School textbooks were sold on the first floor, fiction was on the second floor, Konstantin did not see any dark-haired brunette, he went up to the third floor, there was an antiquary, old church books, manuscripts and other “junk” in which Kostya did not understand anything.
Passing a little deeper into book stands, he was greeted by a quiet, benevolent velvet voice.
– And you are punctual, I respect.

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Konstantin looked back, smiled, behind a low amber-colored wooden counter, he saw a pleasant woman leaning her chin in her palm.
She kindly narrowed her fiery black eyes and barely noticeably opened her pink shiny lips.
– And you nyamka.
– You too.
He went to the brunette to the very counter, oh.
Oksana strongly scorched him with the color of her skin, he first met the one she had long dreamed of.
Oksana’s skin, light yellowish with a brown tinge, bewitched the guy, he opened his mouth and felt that Oksana was the one he needed.
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