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I took the gum and took off my panties from Lena at that time my boyfriend was already flocking with a stake, I got up standing on my knees and took off the panties.
Lena looked at my friend like a rabbit on a boa, I pulled Lena to the edge of the bed and fell on my knees myself, my friend was right at the cherished goal.
Slowly, while holding the head of her penis, going over to the clitoris, Lena closed her eyes in anticipation and fear, without saying a word I pulled a condom out of my pocket and handed it to Lena, she looked at me wonderingly, I said that she should put it on. that she really wants me to rob her of innocence.

Lena stood up and at the time when I caressed her breasts and pussy, began to open the condom with trembling hands when she finally succeeded, I could barely endure it.
Here she is holding the tip on the instructions touched my friend, I startled and almost finished.
Lena wore a condom and slowly and damn erotically leaned back with the words, what should I do next.
I had never had such power, and it excited me to insanity, but I clearly made myself aware that this time my pleasure is not the main thing, and it is important not to discourage the girl from finally loving the little joys of

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Slowly spread her legs to Lena and brought her one-eyed snake closer to her desired burrow.
Slowly inserting the head between the genital lips, I sharply leaned in front, but what was my surprise when the hymen did not tear, Lena screamed in pain, I kissed her after waiting a few seconds and tried again, but slowly but persistently pressing on the spittle, Lena squeezed and sighed and groaned that hurt her.
I had to stop again.
Only on the third attempt, when I was strong and as hard as a sharp push, I entered her the entire length of my penis, Lena screamed in pain, God, there was no time before or after that I had done so much to the girl.

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Without leaving her, I froze and began to caress her chest and lips, after a while when the tears in her eyes dried out and she gasped again, I ventured to slowly go back leaving only Len’s head in her, all trembled saying that there was almost no more pain, and I can continue.
I began a forward movement, but soon noticed that Lena still hurt, but then the excitement affected and I finished.
Coming out of the girl, I spent the rest of the night caressing and gently kissing Lena, she likewise relaxed and caressing me showed a fantasy that I liked very much in women.
True attempts to spin it for a blow job failed.
In the morning I took her home and went to wash a huge stain of blood on a sheet in my brother’s apartment.
Not yet when I didn’t feel like a real man so much then in the morning.
Later, I managed to liberate Lena and in my sweat the real wars began, Lena and I are meeting and now we are already thinking about serious steps in our relations.
Probably the most fun time is student time, especially if you study full-time and you are already over 20 years old, served the army, and your thoughts work differently than former schoolchildren, but now freshmen.
A merry dorm, where there are nine floors of a girl, and boys are only the top three, so even the principle of settling girls was laid down.
The first month of study was already coming to an end, many had made acquaintances, and all the more I already took part in the life of the student council and had already seen all the girls on arrival, and I tell you, there were very decent students, though not everyone still had 18, but attention to this did not pay much in the dorm.
The first disco in the hostel, a lot of guests came, guys girls who studied with us.
The first tables laid before the dance, toast to study, for girls, etc.
I lived in a room with a guy who, like me, had already served, and we were of the same age, but unlike me he had been studying for a year at a preparatory course at the institute, and I played for a team in a Ural city and received good money from them.
Dancing has begun.
Probably the closest, most intimate atmosphere occurs when residents of 12 gather in the hall of one floor, and in the twilight they begin to hug each other, already of course slightly warmed by strong drinks.
Mikhail, a local guy, came to visit me with his girlfriend Lena. Vporn cam.

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