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Sanya took me by the head and pulled me to his dick.
I sucked and got triple pleasure.
Sasha began to move me faster, the vibrator fucked my pussy, my boyfriend stuck in my ass.

– Oh yeah,.
come on girl
suck my dick
– very cool, really? we will fight you so that you will remember for a lifetime, come on, fuck her! we finished everything almost at the same time.
Sasha finished on my face, and Andrew – right in the ass.
The boys crawled out my holes, and we went to sleep with the three of us.

Just want to make a reservation that this is still not a story, but a story – t.
what actually happened.
First 2 words about me.
I am a very jealous person, if suddenly someone of something and somehow to my girlfriend – I can give a turnip without hesitation.
That is, the consequences – it’s all later.
But at the same time, I (as probably any normal man) have a mistress.
And not even one, but two permanent, and more so.
sometimes there is something somewhere somehow and with someone.
It all started about a year ago – then for the first time I climbed up on some website dedicated to swing.
I read the description, I climbed in a guest book.
Well, in general, as usual.
I was then struck by how someone could be dragged from the fact that someone fucks his (!) Wife!?! But.
Some time passed, and I suddenly became interested in this topic.
Rather, not quite so – not this topic in particular, but the topic of swing in general.
To begin with, I really liked the theme – I’m alone, my wife and some other woman.
It naturally began with the fact that he started to somehow incline his wife – not everything is so simple, it took several months to tell her some stories about IT during sex moments – that is, about something that seems to be with us. Watch hd sex movies online.

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