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Tougher! Ruder! Fill me up Let me feel your seed! After these words, an evil spirit as if invaded the man, filling him with strength and energy, unprecedented for his age.
His body grew inside the princess’s canal, and the movements became so powerful that the bed beneath them began to shake, hitting the wall.
With the same force, a revived organ burst into her ass.

It seemed that the girl will now break off from these crushing blows.
– Give me that! Give! – her voice is hoarse, and her eyes rolled.
The ecstasy was so unbelievable that she knew an ordinary woman would not stand it, and would just die from the waves of an orgasm.
But the princess was not ordinary.
She was born for this, and now happily followed her destiny.
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last! Pour out into me! And as if by her order, the king, having made a powerful lunge, pouring thick sperm into her body.
At the same time, the princess felt how her anus was washed by a hot viscous liquid, which should not have been.
The girl shook in spasmodic convulsions due to the strength of an orgasm.
He washed away her consciousness, mind and soul, and instead filled it with demonic power that promised power and domination over all.
“Everything that unexpectedly changes our life is not an accident.
It is in ourselves and is waiting only for an external reason for the expression of action. ”
(Alexander Green) They say that angels live only in heaven, and the devils only in hell.
But the heroes of our story was destined to be convinced of the opposite.
Part One Alex, a 20-year-old DJ, one of the most promising musicians in the country, was a real devil.

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His music, as critics have christened it, aroused the most base and passionate desires – something unimaginable was happening on the dance floor during his mixes.
Having unscrewed the set and pretty tired again, Alexey had already removed the equipment when he saw her near the rack.
For a moment, all the words ceased to matter.
Our hero has forgotten about music and about the whole world.
She – as it turned out later, the girl’s name was Irina – looked more beautiful than any nymph or dryad.
More beautiful than any angel.
Turned facial features, bright, expressive eyes of a blue-green, cat-colored, sensual lips, flowing, pitch black, hair.
All this beauty turned into fragile shoulders.
I wanted to give her tenderness.
Her hands seemed to call for languor and intimacy – they were so delicate.
Sensual and billowing from frequent breathing chest and beckoned to him.
And all this splendor ended legs – slim and regal, like a queen.
He did not find a place for himself, it seemed that everything had lost its meaning.
And when he awoke from obsession, the girl disappeared.
Alexey rushed headlong to the bar, he learned from the bartender that this girl was a fairly frequent visitor and that she usually happens here on Saturday evenings.
Our hero fired up with hope, but at the same time he drooped a bit – until the next Saturday there was still a whole week – but all his thoughts were already occupied by her.
She alone.
Having come home, Alexey undertook to write music, create mixes.
It lasted for almost two days, he did not sleep, almost did not eat, worked.
As if in hard work, he tried to forget her all-consuming image.
The rest of the days stretched in a fog, dull and dull.
But then came the Sabbath, and he noticed her.
In the blink of an eye, flying up to the rack, he blurted out: – Hi! What did such a beautiful girl forget here at such a time? The girl, having measured it with a rating glance, answered: – Entertainment, what else? Her voice.
Oh god When he heard him, he completely and forever decided that this particular girl was worthy of him.
But is he worthy of her? Doubts crept into the soul.
But a low, languid, slightly hoarse voice beckoned to him.
Having talked and learned the name of this beautiful creature, Alexei managed to find out the following – Irina was married, she had a child. Young webcam girls naked.

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