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24 video sexy live. Together with our new acquaintance, I also tried to switch to a civilized style of communication: – I, of course, agree that we deliberately went on a sexual experiment to diversify our sex life, but, in my opinion, in some matters you go too far.
For example, with Katya.
And suddenly my wife interrupted me unexpectedly: – But I think everything is fine, let everything go as it goes.
“Ay, how lucky you are with your wife, Dima,” Tengiz poured brandy into glasses.

– Look, what a good girl.
Beauty and clever.
Not many such marry.
I envy you: so passionate, she loves sex so much.
She cannot be hidden from men: she is a goddess, she should be admired, she should be loved by many men.
And you, Dima, have an important role – you are her husband, you must help her be a queen.
– Yes, am I really against? – And if you do not mind, then there are no problems.
I will help you, I liked you so much.
I tore your wife’s dress on purpose so that you could wait for me the next day, until I decide all issues with my work.
In exchange for this dress, I will buy a hundred dresses for your wife: the sexiest, most beautiful.
To all envy you: what is your wife! “I can buy her myself.”
– Ay, stop it.
Your problem is that you are too proud.
Proud is not where it should be.
We have such a game, we all do each other nicely.
Did you like to suck at me? Do not answer, I saw what I liked.
Liked that I fucked Katya? Liked, and she liked it.
And she is a good fellow, she does not hide it, because she is a strong person and is not afraid to be honest. 24 video sexy live.

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