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Space is isotropic.
And time flows in all directions equally.

Classical mechanics of low speeds.
Get acquainted.

In fact, she has a different name, but usually her name is exactly that.
Naturally beautiful, of course, smart.
There is also a sense of humor, even in abundance.
Fun, laughs and jokes.
It is a mystery for the whole group, as it manages not only to hang out, but also to pass sessions exclusively on the top five.
To get her is the dream of all friends of the opposite (and not only) gender.
Let them dream.
So, the session was closed.
Again the fives, again.
Helen took a glass, threw a few ice cubes and poured whiskey.
Got one and lit a cigarette.
So she smokes, does that mean something happened today? Perhaps the opposite.
Perhaps it is already becoming a ritual, as it is repeated every day.
All so-rastakaya.
completely alone, in an empty apartment in the futile waiting of his knight in his faded armor.
Figures of gray smoke bend in fancy poses, melting the ice in the glass and her breathing.

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She loves him, her guardian angel.
He loves her madly.
Everything is just great.
Only they are not together and never will be.
Before happiness, there is always a shortage of trifles.
Yes, sometimes they meet and steal a piece of happiness.
They are incredibly happy with brief moments of meetings, but they are very unhappy for years, centuries, millennia alone among people.
And you do not want to do anything, do not want to go anywhere.
And nowhere, and not to whom.
Days turn only into waiting.
Waiting for a couple of words on the soap, his call, waiting at least for news from him Maybe, but sometimes he still calls.
Although the last time was a long time ago.
Warm streams of water pleasantly touch the skin and wash away the tears and all the traces of today.
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