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When the time came, the front door slowly opened, a wide shadow emerged from the gloom.
I am a young, pretty girl, I am 24 years old.
In my life there was a period when work was in my first place and there was no personal life, of course, I fucked sometimes, but it was a one-time meeting, I just got laid, got satisfaction, and write letters.

I was attacked by labor itch, I worked 12–16 hours a day, but everything comes to an end.
My powers too.
I felt constant weakness and drowsiness.
Of course, irregular sex life and lack of sleep made themselves felt.
I realized that everything must be radically changed.
That evening I gave myself to my boss at home.
He rolled up to me a long time ago, but I just didn’t want to sleep with him, although he didn’t: When he lay down his height 1.
90 cm and weighing 1.
10 kg on my 1.
60 cm and my 50 kg.
, I felt asphalt, on which rides a dump truck.

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He without ceremony introduced his huge penis into my narrow vagina and began to quickly push me.
It was painful, but he did not pay attention to it.
Gradually, the pain went away, and she was replaced by great pleasure.
I was even more excited because there was such a big man on me, I felt his strength, his confidence, his lust.
I was under a real male! His hefty cock tore me into two parts, his scrotum loudly beating on my ass.
He got up, picked me up like a fluff and planted me on my dick.
He went to the mirror and continued to fuck me.
He is tall and well-behaved, and I like a small, beautiful moth that sits on his penis.
God, I’m so small compared to him !!! In short, I don’t know how he is, but I smelt that night from the heart.
In the morning, before leaving, he fucked me again in all holes and with a smug expression on his face drove off.

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I’m exhausted, plunged into sleep.
I was awakened by the arrival of my girlfriend, she was just terrified with my kind.
We decided it was time to leave.
I had money, and I could easily afford a trip to Egypt.
I took a well-deserved vacation and we left with her on the tour.
A trip to Egypt.
I just wanted to change the situation, to gain new strength, but my girlfriend Marina (23 year old brunette) just rode with one goal – to fuck, fuck with all the men of Egypt.
She and I lived in the same room of a 5 – star hotel.
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