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She made Natasha wear her white panties and leave the toilet.
On the way to the lesson, Natalya continued to beg her boss, she was already walking, not evenly, but slightly bent, holding her stomach for a hand.
The head teacher brought Natalia straight to her 8th grade and made an announcement that their teacher really wanted to go to the toilet and didn’t manage to wait for the queue, but she shouldn’t use the restroom after the bell as well as the pupils, so she will endure to the last.

The head teacher left leaving Natalia on the same with the students.
She was all red and quickly sat down on a chair, pressed her ass against him.
This situation immediately raised the mood of the students.
Someone told Natalya Stepanovna that now she will experience what it is like when it’s really necessary, but it’s impossible, someone wondered if she could be patient before the change and in a big way or small way she wanted.
Natalya was silent and only squeezed out of herself: “we are recording the topic of the lesson.
“, but then her stomach rumbled loudly and she fidgeted strongly in the chair.
The students once again giggled, they realized that their teacher really wants to shit.
It was even more interesting.
As soon as the wave passed, Natasha dictated the topic of the lesson and began to dictate questions; on the last question she grabbed her again and she broke off badly.
But nevertheless, the teacher managed to dictate the questions, then she did the same as with the previous class: she asked to read the material from the textbooks, because she could hardly speak. Father and daughter sex amateur camera.

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