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But now.
I understood that he sees only standing nipples – a couple of times I caught his lustful gaze, looking exactly at my chest.
Besides, I belatedly remembered that the top slightly translucent.

So, the guy simply has a great view of my breasts! To hell.
At a wrong time! I tried as best I could to unhook from the guy, but he stuck like a bath sheet to his ass! And he followed me all the time that I was heading for the house I needed.
– Come on! – he was

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almost nagging, walking half a step behind.
– Just a phone number and I’ll leave you alone! “Fuck off,” I hissed in a low voice, feeling his gaze on my ass.
Ahead zapilikala door entrance.
I fell for an easy run, having managed to stick my hand into the not-yet-closed crack.
Slipped inside.
The guy tried to stick his neck behind me, but I deftly kicked him in the leg.
– Do you live here? – I asked.
– Of course! – rubbing his leg, he answered.
– Well, it means, you will open it yourself! I pulled the handle, closing the door in front of the guy’s nose.
All problem less! I went up to the floor and prepared to wait to finally make sure that the guy rolls off.
And along the way I looked around slightly.
Inside, the entrance curved slightly.
A narrow corridor led from the elevator to distant apartments.
How many were there? Pieces ten to fifteen, probably on each floor.
The staircase was right next to the elevator, just like a small balcony, overlooking a ten-story high-rise, standing just beyond a small cliff from the back of the house.

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Judging by the number of cigarette butts in a large three-liter can, this balcony was set specifically for smokers.
I looked out of the window from the stairs – the guy was nowhere to be seen.
You can start.
I felt my slit blissfully whining at the thought of what I was going to do.
I went downstairs to the first floor.
There was only a closed door leading, probably, to some basement, elevator, and with a hundred mailboxes stretching along a long corridor.
I listened – silence.
Pushed the elevator call button.
And she began to undress.
The top and skirt, along with the purse, were tucked into a large plastic bag, prepared in advance.
I took the camera and hid the bag under the stairs, stuffing it deeper.
I once again poked at the call button – the doors immediately dispersed.
She slipped into the elevator and pressed the sixteenth floor.
The order was quite simple – to go down the stairs to the first floor of the high-rise naked.
It seems to be nothing special, but to do it in broad daylight? My heart sank with excitement! This is a high-rise! Here in each entrance go and three hundred people live, and even more! Yes, and the day is in full swing! And I’m completely naked! In stockings and shoes! Even with a defiant make-up on the face! Exactly slut juvenile! I, burning with excitement, looked at the number on the floor.
Fourteen, fifteen, sixteen! I got ready for the fact that right in front of the elevator someone was already waiting for their turn.
The doors slowly parted.
I peeked out carefully.
No one.
Carefully, trying not to shovel shoes very strongly, went to the wall opposite – here, next to the switchboard, the figure was drawn sixteen.
She stood beside her, her head bent to the side, and, trying to smile quite calmly, clicked on the ph.
I checked the picture – the face, albeit slightly frightened, in the frame, the edges of the stockings and the figure of the floor are visible.
Nothing is blurred.
I threw the camera strap on my wrist and looked at the stairs.
Somewhere a door slammed down. Free online erotic chat.

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