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Lenka already felt that she wanted him.
Her nipples visibly tensed, Oleg also noticed this, continuing to pour brandy to the woman and tell jokes.
Oh, pussy is already wet, everything, it’s time to finish – Lena decided for herself.

But the woman herself did not notice how she continued to hop and listen to her companion, penetrating to him with desire.
Lena had already drunk decently, she was already hot.
Oleg took off his shirt and remained naked to the waist.
“What are you doing?” Lena protested against such a course of events.
– It’s so hot after all, the man answered and winked at Lena encouragingly.
His body smelled very sexy, Lena felt it.
Oleg, seeing Lena’s wedding ring on his arm, began to ask a woman about her family, about her husband.
In another situation, such a conversation would not be very unpleasant for Lena, but Oleg was very comfortable with himself.
Lena honestly admitted that she had been married for 15 years, that she did not have children and that this was her.
– What am I doing, why am I saying all this – Lena thought to herself, but did not stop.
Lena felt like Oleg embraced her.
Lena felt that her cunt was already shrinking from arousal and desire.
Lena, an honest and decent married woman wanted to surrender to this young handsome man.
And it was-not-been – Lena thought to herself, for the last time doubting whether to give herself to this man.
In five years, I will become almost an old woman, I will become completely fat, the men will lose all interest in me, so I can at least once in my life feel like a desired woman.

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But there was one problem that confused Lena.
For three days before her departure, she did not wash, did not wash under and did not change the linen, and had not been shaved for ages.
God, she thought, I didn’t even shave my armpits for a long time, well, good.
Indeed, Lena’s armpits began to slightly curly, and her pussy smelled badly.
In addition, Lena 2 times went to the toilet for much during this time, and the school did not have toilet paper.
Lena thought she would come in the evening to wash, change her panties, and then forgot about it.
As a result, her ass was very dirty, and on her panties there was a rubbed brown trace on the back.
And how can I give myself to him – Lena thought to herself, so dirty and unkempt.
My wife left for a week with relatives.
There was free time, and in the evenings I sat on the site of a private erotic photo, looking at the profiles of girls.
As a rule, married women, who lacked something in their family life, tried to allay the boredom on this site.
Most of them were embarrassed to place their photos with their faces, and these photos did not differ from any special artistry.
But suddenly, on the avatar of one of the questionnaires, I noticed a photo of a woman whom I seem to have seen somewhere long ago.
I returned to my youthful memories, and remembered that this lady resembled my classmate Natalia, who I really liked.
I didn’t have a relationship with Natalia during my studies, although I really wanted her in my erotic fantasies.
I admired her pretty face, beautiful brown hair, a slightly plump figure, wide hips and a perfect fourth-size bust.
In my fantasies about sex with Nata, I tried to come up with something interesting and extraordinary.
I was very excited by the idea to make a tattoo on my shoulder – a portrait of Natasha topless.
But in those days, the attitude to the tattoo was not the same as now.
And Nat didn’t show interest to me: I wasn’t lost interest in such tattoos, but I didn’t dare to do something like that: But after a while I found out about an intimate piercing and made myself a puncture of the penis head.
However, the attitude of most girls towards my piercer was initially negative.
Therefore, when meeting I did not tell them about my surprise on the penis, I carefully figured out how they

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