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She turned her back on me and rested her hands in the refrigerator.
I picked up the dress and saw a smooth, fleshy ass, slightly aged but still attractive buttocks, wide and plump.
Her figure resembled Ira, only it was denser.

I leaned a member to the ass and froze from someone else’s unfamiliar body, when we did it with my wife, everything was clear and familiar there, but this ass delighted me with something new, sweet! Full buns of this ass hooked and pulled me to her as on hooks.
Lyudmila Anatolyevna was at the limit, she felt my hard cock and lifted her ass, she shifted from one foot to the other and quietly rolled like a current bitch waiting for a dog.
– Come into me, why are you slow?
Her strong ass tempted me, I wanted to enter it, but the usual peep called me no less, I decided to first get into the usual place.
I stuck a member in the arcade under the buttocks and entered.
Oh, sweet spot hugged me with pulp and plentifully soaked with hot butter.
Ah, the incredible crack of my mother-in-law was convulsing.
One my jerk replaced with another, stronger one, I pushed the mother-in-law with the intention to make her feel good.
Gorgeous ass struggled against my groin, I held my mother-in-law by my breasts and shoved like Ira, and for a moment I felt that Lyudmila Anatolyevna became like no less than my wife.

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I already began to love her hole.
– That’s good, good, my son-in-law, the mother-in-law enjoyed, leaning on the refrigerator, – Come on, come on, I like your toy.
– You have a good butt, I want her.
– Well, take it.

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Wow, everything is so easy and simple! – Take me, I’m all yours, Sasha.
I finally lost my mind, and could not understand whom I love more, my wife, or her mother.
They both wanted me, one other milier and sexier! Their beauty took me all over! Oh, mother-in-law, how good you are, I want to eat you! I took out the penis, parted the soft buns and buried my head in the intimate hole, rested tightly and began to press.
– Oh how good, come on, go ahead.
– whispered mother-in-law.
The anus of the mother-in-law gave up after the fourth pressure, the head was pressed into the small hole, and behind it the whole penis.
– Oh, great.
– wide-open mouth in-law, and raised her ass.
– You’re a beautiful woman, I have no words.
I started pumping my hips with such a desire that I didn’t feel for my wife; mother-in-law ass seemed to me much more pleasant, warmer, wetter, sharper! She teased me, I took her by the waist and began to pull that there are forces.
– Oh, you’re my good, my man! – Lyudmila Anatolevna blurted out, having lifted up her ass, – Oh.
– Come to me, my delicious sweetie, come to me! – I said, sticking my thing in her sweaty ass.
– Go, my son-in-law.
Lyudmila Anatolyevna trembled and moaned, she ended up as Ira, only more impulsively.
– Ay.
She bit her lips and pressed her head against the wall of the refrigerator.
Behind us, the door clicked.
I turned sharply.
Ira entered! My wife goggled black eyes and opened her mouth.
She looked at her mother, then at me, she was silent, then shook her head, then smiled ironically.
I did not know that de la th.
My mother-in-law did not understand anything, she did not open her eyes, she asked me not to stop. Free online sex hookup sites.

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