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Gentle fingers of the nurse touched the soft Natasha’s tummy.
– Where is the pain, Natasha? Strong? – Not.
“Natasha was completely unable to lie in Tayechka’s wide-open

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blue eyes: it was one thing to convince a hastily made-up illness of a kind, but solid-stone doctor, and quite another to completely upset this semi-etheric being.

– Tayechka, nothing hurts me at all! Do not be afraid, please.
– And how?
– Tayechka blinked in perplexity with her eyes, lowering both palms on Natasha’s tummy, “recovered”.
– It does not hurt – it is exhausted all! I myself do not know why.
Put me a finger here! Natasha took one palm of Tayechka and put her finger between her legs, pressing it against the soft fabric of her panties.
“This is all because of the medical examination yesterday !.
Only you do not tell George Daliyevich, okay ?.
You are welcome.
“Natasha whispered hotly.
“Oh well.
“Tayechka, barely understanding anything, touched Natasha’s warm hollow with her finger and pulled her hand away when the doctor appeared in the doorway.
– So.
And what about us? – Georgy Dalievich crouched instead of Tayechka, who fluttered from the couch next to Natasha.
– Does it hurt here? Here? Here? Here? Natasha closed her eyes, enjoying the warmth of the big strong hands clutching her tummy and, through force, barely heard: “Aha.

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An elderly surgeon with life experience looked attentively at the indecently young patient who rolled her eyes under his hands and frowned: – My dear, is it here? – one of his palm lay on Natasha’s panties and gently pressed the base down.
– Especially here !.
– Natasha opened her eyes wide.
– Very very!.
I could not even sleep all night !.
– Hmm! Very interesting, rare and little-studied disease of science! – Georgiy Dalievich pinched Natasha with both hands on her hips.
– Well, shoot, baby, immediately panties – let’s see how you can be treated! Natasha readily pulled off her panties and remained completely naked.
– Knees to the chest! Keep your hands and do not let go.
Like this.
Natasha strongly pressed both legs to her little nipples excited.
Her plump pussy peach stood out in front of the doctor.
Georgy Dalievich took bloated bare lips in a pinch, squeezed and gently moved his hand.
Natasha held her breath from the fullness of feelings poured from under the belly.
Between the squeezed lips above her slippery pink clit poked out.
“Taiechka, find the child’s card and fill in, please! What is your surname, pioneer?” , Georgy Dalievich continued to pull at the squeezed shutters of her small pussy, and Natasha hardly found strength to respond to him.
“, almost with a groan, she said, starting to move her ass, as if from a slight inconvenience.
“How long have you been masturbating, Natasha Bolshova?” , the doctor let go of the slightly weathered outer lips and slid his middle finger along the wet incision.
“Since yesterday evening.
“Natasha did not truly understand the complicated medical term.
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