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When Elena opened her bottomless eyes, she saw in front of her the worried face of a strange guest.
– What happened to me? – she asked quietly, almost in a whisper.
– You became ill and I had to give you first aid – explained Alex.

Only now Elena discovered that she was lying semi-nude on the floor.
And practically this young man with her pants unbuttoned is sitting on it.
Which she seems to have uncovered herself.
The girl tried to escape.
But Alex gently smiled at her and reminded: – We have not finished yet – and with soft, but at the same time, with sharp movements, I tore off her first with a bra, then a skirt, then with panties.
And she remembered – she really had nowhere to go, except how to surrender to this stranger.
Elena understood this on her subconscious level – she faced the question of life or death.
She thought, as a person, not realizing of course that she was in fact a syntactic being.
But she needs these pills anyway.
Therefore, she dutifully endured when Alex’s hands fell on her chest.
To what extent it was even pleasant – her Maxim was rarely so gentle with her, preferring to enter her immediately.
However, this step by the stranger was not long in coming.

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Push, and Alex penetrated the depths of the girl’s womb.
He enjoyed power over Elena, pulling her onto his “little brother,” then pushing himself away, then penetrating to the fullest.
Elena felt a pleasant languor and, unexpectedly for herself, began to timidly move her pelvis towards the stranger’s jolts.
– Even so – Alex was amazed and even more aggressively began to penetrate the maiden bosom.
When it was all over, Telegin put a pack of pills and a thousand euros next to the lying beauty.
Elena shyly lowered her eyes.
How terrible it was to understand her, but with this guy she got great pleasure.
– Who are you? She asked when Alex got up and was about to leave.
– A little later you will find out – Telegin smiled at the girl – we’ll surely see you again.
Curling into a ball, Elena Nikolaevna did not even know whether to rejoice at it or not.
However, there was no time for reflection – you need to clean up and destroy the traces

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of the recent intercourse.
Forced but enjoyable.
Soon her Maxim was to come.
Just looking out over the horizon, the sun brightly illuminated this part of Ravnik and, with its first rays, Ardent woke up in a small room above the shoemaker’s workshop.
She always woke up early and immediately left her father’s workshop, going for a morning walk.
Her old father, not at all angry at the loafing daughter, if she had time to return by noon to cook him dinner.
What Ardent was doing at this time, did not bother him at all.
And Ardenta has been engaged in several days in a row for taking music lessons from a wandering musician Kelvin, who appeared on their street a couple of months ago and immediately attracted the attention of a young girl. Free private nude chat.

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