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For some reason, now the member was stretching me even more and entering somewhat more difficult.
I did not attach any importance to this and began to sit down on it.
His hand fell on my penis and began to masturbate! After a few moments, I finished with a wild cry !! But a member in my ass did not stop, but continued to fuck confidently! Soon I was excited again.

I already did not pay attention to anything around me.
Then the member poked at my lips again.
I even more fiercely pounced on him and began to suck like the last time !!! Hearing a prolonged moan satisfied with my pressure, I got excited even more, released a member from my mouth and began to lick it, podrachivat lick testicles.
I didn’t want to open my eyes at all.
I have been imagining myself from all this time.
After a while of fierce blowjob, I felt the penis pulsing in my mouth, my hands on the back of my head tightened and unclenched while fingering my hair, and the movements of my thighs were trying to stick my penis deeper into my mouth.
I understood that he would end now.
and at the same second was surprised that the member in my ass turns out to continue walking.
And right there from this thought I was hit by a powerful jet of sperm, which splashed out right in my

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mouth !! I tried to swallow but it was so much that I did not have time and the warm liquid began to flow out of the corners of my mouth, flow down my chin and drip onto the floor, my dick came out of my mouth and the second jet hit me on my upper lip, then on my cheek and on the bridge of my nose, I stuck out my tongue and the next blow of sperm fell on him.

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The member returned to my mouth again, but he was not limp but very strong, and I continued to suck all the juices out of him.
But even in the ass, the sweet sensations did not disappear, and the tremors from the back intensified.
I opened my eyes and saw a smiling Anton standing next to me, but in my mouth was not his cock.
And then I heard a loud roar from behind and someone’s member literally flew into me to the very foundation !!! Immediately the most powerful jet of sperm spread over the walls of my ass overflowing it !! and I finished !!! I did not experience such a powerful orgasm !!! The member was not going to leave my ass but slowly crawled into it.
I began to open my eyes.
Like another jet of sperm hit my face and my eyes closed automatically.
After some time, the sperm stopped beating on my face and I was able to wipe my eyes and saw Anton standing in front of me and next to him another guy.
From bewilderment I froze.
But someone else strokes my ass.
The legs are terribly numb from the fact that I stood for a long time with cancer.
My ass was itchy, my face was squeezed from sperm, my lips were burning and my mouth was dry, plus a trickle of someone’s sperm oozed out of my ass over my thighs and stockings.
I turned with difficulty, sat in a chair and lost my mind from what I saw !!! There was a guy in front of me, a member of which, though he was more relaxed, but clearly surpassed a member of Anton.
So this is why the ass stretched out differently – I thought.
But that was not all. Gay teen live sex.

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