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Dasha saw you jerking off on her when she sucked on the beach.
I told her that such sluts like you should like her fucking behavior, but she didn’t believe me to the last.
She did not know that I photograph her on the yacht for you.

And even a little worried, thinking how to explain to you the reason for her long sea voyage.
And now I have seen with my own eyes that you will not make scenes of jealousy for her, because you are in the mood for a cuckold.
– Why do you expose me in front of my wife Khlyupik? – Listen, stop rushing.
You can not be both beautiful and smart.
We both know what you wanted and what you signed a contract with me about.
Moreover, I gave you several times the opportunity to jump off the topic, but you decided.
Do you want a radical kukolda?

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So we are getting closer to this.
It will be easier for you yourself if Dasha once and for all makes it clear that you can behave this way with you, that you are a rag and not a peasant.
– What is easier? “By disappearing ambiguity in your relationship.”
After all, what was a few days ago? She also cheated on you, but she did it, like, secretly, why she felt discomfort.
And deep down you treat this as a game: if you don’t like it, you can stop it.
And all the time you think about it: stop the game or not.
Although this is not a game.
Simply, it is necessary to put all the dots above “and”.
You will feel better when you realize that nothing depends on you, that Dasha will change you, regardless of whether you want it or not.
Just accept this – your dream comes true.
– What if.

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if I don’t like everything about it, maybe I want to correct it a little.
– I told you – pozdnyak rush! I will not allow you to violate the terms of our contract! Let me remind you you promised me a good bonus.
And if you now try to abandon the agreement, that is, simply throw me, then believe me, I will throw you too.
– How do you throw me? – You have the same marriage contract with Dasha, and in case of divorce, fifty percent of the property will go to her.
It costs me nothing now to entice her with her finger, and she will leave you, go to me.
And then I will get much more money than what we have with you in the contract.
– Well, you and the bastard.
– burst out of me.
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