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She ran her hand behind her back, found the gum of a man’s underpants and pulled her aside, allowing his hot body to pop out.
At the same time, she diligently listened to Sergei’s breathing, preparing to stop the prank at any moment and pretend to be asleep.
But Sergey still breathed evenly and snuffled, without showing any excitement or readiness to wake up.

Emboldened, Polinka lowered the gum of his underpants down, freeing the man’s dick completely.
He touched her arm several times, burning with his heat, than scared the girl very much, but the desire inside her was stronger than fear.
When Sergey’s body was fully exposed, Polina began to lower her panties, baring her ass and crack.
Then, when her panties were on the thighs, and her slit became defenseless and open, Polina began to move her ass again.

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But this time, the naked member of Sergey easily and pleasantly slid along her crotch, stroking and caressing her intimate place.
It was amazing – to feel between your legs a hard and hot organ of your loved one, to enjoy his caresses and to receive unspeakable pleasure.
The excitement that originated in her body, has grown to incredible size and with each touch of a man’s member, it became more and more powerful and intense.
Polina felt how it was growing and ready to explode with tremendous force.
She wanted to get it as soon as possible, so forgetting caution, more and more boldly moved her ass, sliding on the penis.
Lubricant flowed out of her heated slits and began to abundantly wet her petals and the male member, which began to slide even more pleasantly.

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She was so carried away by caresses that she even stopped following the state of Sergey, who, of course, woke up from such active actions.
But realizing that the girl is trying not to wake him, played up.
He tried to breathe evenly, restraining his emotions and his desire to drive his penis inside the body frantic with excitement.
Sergey really liked this game, and he decided to continue it.
The girl, striving to get the long-awaited detente, even went so far as to implant herself a little on the man’s member.
The feeling of opening petals and stretching the entrance to the vagina, burning the touch of the head of the penis, the danger to her virginity, did their job – the girl covered the orgasm.
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