Hidden camera sex tape part 14.

Hidden camera sex tape part 14.
“I don’t understand,” Angela mumbled.
“It’s not for consumption,” Diana explained in a serious tone.
– Storage of more than twenty-eight grams of cocaine suggests an intention to sell it.

And accordingly the punishment will be more severe.
“But, he’s not mine,” insisted Angela.

“Please get out of the car,” Clark snapped.
“God, what should I do?” Angela asked herself, getting out of the car.
“It’s a pity there is no John — he knew how to deal with such a situation.”
Then she realized that it was obviously John’s cocaine.
He must have bought it for some of his clients.
“There can be no such reality, I probably sleep,” she thought when cold steel clicked on her wrists, and de la Gura read her rights to her.
Angela herself has done this more than once in every episode.
– So, do you understand your rights? – asked Maria.
“No, that is, yes,” answered Angela.
– What, life is different from the series? – Diana asked, turning Angela to the police car behind her.
“Wait, maybe there is another way to settle this misunderstanding,” the actress stopped abruptly.

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In a panic, Angela did not notice how Diana slyly smiled at Maria.
De la Gura went around the viper and stood in front of Angela and Diana.
“Just listen to this bitch,” she said, a few inches from Angela’s face.
– He thinks that everything can be bought.
“Okay, let’s hear her out,” suggested Diana.
– At least some kind of entertainment.
– Okay, my dear, my partner wants to hear what you can offer us.
Look, don’t disappoint her.
Angela took a deep breath.
If she is very, very lucky now, then maybe she will get out of this scrape.
She decided to talk with Diana, she seemed more compliant than her colleague.
“Listen, you know that the drugs are not mine,” Angela began.
“So why don’t we pretend like nothing happened.”
I think that the MGU will compensate you for lost time.
Hidden camera sex tape part 14.

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