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I felt my penis penetrate her cave, feeling the softness and tenderness of her bosom.
When he completely disappeared into this magical cave, Tatyana began to make rhythmically slow movements, and I held on with all my strength so as not to end prematurely.
Then the movements became faster, and after a moment the aunt took such a pace that I understood just about and she would reach orgasm again.

This really happened soon, and I was very pleased that I could still hold back, because when Tatiana freed my boyfriend from her embrace, she looked at my still firm and excited penis, and said.
– Well done, you also passed the second part of the exam, and I see that you don’t need a break, you can immediately proceed to the final stage of our training.
She rose from the couch and went out somewhere, but very soon returned with a tube in her hands.

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Having handed it to me, she sank into her hands and knees, presenting my gorgeous ass to my gaze, and then began giving the necessary instructions.
– Well lubricate your dick, and then take care of my ass.
I squeezed the lubricant out of the tube, and put it abundantly on my penis, I stopped in complete ignorance of what to do next.
Tanya noticed my confusion, so she decided to help me with this.
– Squeeze out a little grease on my ass, but like that, well done, and now put your finger in my hole, only gently and gently.
I followed her advice, quietly began to insert a finger into her hole, thus lubricating her anus.
At first I did it with one finger, and then feeling that it was already relatively free to move in both directions, another one added.
After a few minutes of such classes, Tatiana stopped me and said.
– Well, now, enter there soi penis, just do not rush, slowly.

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I put my dick to her ass and began to gently press, but he definitely didn’t want to go in there, so I hesitated, not knowing what to do with it.
– Do not worry, keep pressing, – I heard Tatiana’s excited voice.
After receiving permission, I began to actively introduce my phallus into her ass, and after a moment, I felt the head slip inside.
– You see, everything turned out, and now quietly enter it to the end.
In accordance with the advice, I slowly began to push him inside, until he completely disappeared in the anus.
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