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The queue next.
Again, everything is as before: first from the front, then from the back.
I lose track of time.

It seems there are only three of them.
Thank God! Now, the very first one decided to change his position: he took the key from the chain on my neck, opened the handcuffs and immediately put my hands behind my back, where he chained again.
The key seems to be back in place.
Then I was put on my knees and bent so that my face touched the asphalt under me.
My legs are wide apart, I feel that my anus is open.
A pair of slaps on my crotch, and they put me on my knees again.
One of the rapists falls under me, two others force me to his standing stake.
Another one starts to enter me from behind, which he succeeds immediately.
Now they fuck me in both holes.
The next hour, as it seemed to me, they did this to me: two had me in the vagina and anus, another one I sucked, and he pinched my nose, so that his member became a stopper for me, making it difficult to breathe.
Then all three of them changed, and the one who raped me in the vagina began to fuck me from behind, the one to whom I sucked took his place, and the remaining last made me suck his dick just visited my ass.
It turned out that I was allowed to suck my dick precisely after he fucked me from behind.
Here, it seems, my tormentors began to bother them.
They pulled off my bandage and released my legs.
And they left their hands stiff behind their backs so that they would not quickly run away, as I was told.
Then one noticed my clothes.
He gently took my T-shirt and tore off the bottom part, turning it into a very short topic.

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Then in the same way he shortened the already short skirt.
Panties – the only thing that I had from underwear, they took with them.
It was already getting light when, after half an hour of riding on asphalt, I was able to reach the keys and get rid of the handcuffs.
I got up, stood, looking at myself.
“Did I get fucked all night, and I can still stand on my feet?” My anus was still ajar and wet from still dried sperm; my vagina was already wet from my discharge: I was greatly excited by how I tried to free myself.
Put on your clothes.
“How to go like this?” Breast was closed exactly on the nipples, and the skirt, it seemed to me, did not hide anything at all.
Somehow I met, I decided to go home – there was no choice.
Catching the views of passers-by on myself, I still managed to get home without incident.
And there, being already safe, she stripped naked and began to masturbate.
The night was glorious!
“Most women claim that they feel if their partner is changing, moreover, the most active of them have learned to take the most extraordinary and very effective measures,” the spouse himself said to himself from the iPad next to his wife.
“It is better to smooth the legs, a betrayer,” the unexpectedly awakened wife suddenly emerged from a half-sleep, “I feel your curvature of the party line and have been using it for a long time.”
By the way, for such cases under Brezhnev they were given 15 years at once.
The husband opened his eyes

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in surprise and opened his mouth from the lack of air.
“When you have an interest on the side, this reptile of yours works better,” his eggs were frantically painfully compressed with an incredible sadistic smile on her face.
Spouse closed his mouth.
– Good boy.
Listen and do not interrupt.
– My girl is not stupid, quickly feels the rival and begins to lure your reptilial organ, pretending to be the one you just lost in our elevator, and she, poor and undertrahan, having made legs with a cross, continued frantically ending to the very first floor until she went to the booth did not go married a dog from the fifth floor.
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