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He leaned over, she closed her eyes and opened her lips.
He kissed, she answered.
He hugged, she cuddled.

Their romance lasted only a week, but it seemed to Polina that she had known this man for ages.
He guessed all her thoughts, took her one step ahead, predicted events.
When he was around, she felt safe and very calm.
As if she got into the den of her unexpectedly grown up, matured teddy bear from childhood.
All doubts, fears and experiences are easily dispelled with every minute of communication.
Soon Polina felt floating along the course of relationships.
She has ceased to suppose, invent, and fear something.
Sergey quickly won her heart.
“Tomorrow we will go to me for the weekend.
I, finally, can afford to turn off the mobile phone and not think about work.

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I want you to be with me these days, ”Sergey did not ask and did not offer, he informed her about plans for the weekend.
You can refuse, but why? She loves him, he is a wonderful man and probably experienced in the matter of sex, why not take this last step? And if after that he will part with her? Well, then, so be it.
Let it happen now, than in a month or a year, when she can not live without him! In the morning she began to prepare for the upcoming weekend.
Sergey promised to pick her up directly from the University, after school, which means she will not have time to pack.
She must be as irresistible and delightful as ever.
After all, tonight he will take her, possess her and enjoy her body.
Lord, does this happen to her ?! She had so long represented this moment, dreamed and fantasized that she no longer believed in the reality of this.

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Of course, in school and in the University, guys drove up to her, and to some of them, she showed sympathy, and with two things came to kisses and intimate caresses, but the most important thing never happened.
Polina was terribly afraid of her mother.
As soon as the boy’s actions began to acquire, albeit a very pleasant, but threatening character, Polina seemed to be doused with cold water – the thought of what her mother would say if she found out, sober and relieved her arousal as good as electroshock.
Even in the first year, already worrying about her lingering virginity, Polina could not find the strength to cross this line in the first place.
Indian models posing nude.

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