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In the closets your clothes with your size.
If something does not like it, tomorrow we go to the store and buy.
Underwear in the dresser.

Towels and bedding in another dresser.
Although you do not need them.
Lena and Natasha change them every morning.
Do you need my help in the shower? “” No, I myself, thank you, “answered Nastya,” Well then, I’m waiting for you in the dining room.
You can not rush, lie in the bathroom and if you want.
“- Olga Segeevna smacked Nastya on the forehead and left.
Nastya still did not believe.
Nastya closed the door and went into the shower.
The shower room was very large.
Separately, there was a cabin, a toilet was not far away, and a Jacuzzi stood a little further.
On the walls were several towels and several bath robes of different colors.
Stood slippers.
Nastya threw off all her clothes and naked stood under the shower jet.
The relief that brought the warm water helped Nastia recover.
She turned on cold water several times to cheer up.
Then she scooped up water in the jacuzzi and plunged into the foamy water.
She closed her eyes and fell asleep.
She woke up because someone was stroking her on the head.
Nastya opened her eyes and saw Olga Sergeyevna in a light little horn, not concealing her slender and strong hips.
In the incision was visible her beautiful slightly drooping chest with large halos and large nipples.
Nastya suddenly wanted to clasp these nipples with her lips and caress.

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What I felt afterwards is

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quite difficult to retell.
What I did was easy.
Dima went to wash, and I brought him a clean towel, which I found on the far shelf of the closet, I brought it – because I had thrown the towel that I had into a pile of dirty laundry, which I intended to wash.
Then Dima sat in his chair, smoked and watched TV, and I quickly made scrambled eggs with tomatoes, made sandwiches, set the table.
I didn’t do anything special, BUT! But I was busy for the man and in the presence of the man.
The men who fucked me tonight, who gave me a flower.
Men who — and I knew it, and he knew it — might want to take me and take me.
Strange, unusual feeling.
Unusual, despite all my fantasies before.
This sexual self-sensation of the giver was paramount.
Later, experiencing and chewing on those feelings, I understood what the trick was about.
I was not a woman – I was not really.
But I have defined such a role for myself.
But a different form, except being ready to give a man, to substitute the ass to meet the male’s lust, a different way to determine how a woman for me did not exist at that time.
He is active, I am passive, he is a male, I am a female, but what could this have expressed? Only in the fact that if he wants, he will take it.
He wants, and I spread my legs.
Naturally born women in this sense are probably probably easier.
They are initially such and, oddly enough, it is this circumstance that saves them from the need to give, to surrender without fail.
They can flirt, flirt, and then break off while they remain women.
I, in this context and in this situation, in this physical body of mine could be considered a woman only through sex.
Only by recognizing the right of a male to possess me.
Later, when the role I chose will be fixed by me, when the males, the males will see the female in me already a priori, without immediately overwhelming me, then it could be otherwise.
In the meantime, initially, initially dominant importance was played by this, completely animal distribution of roles.
However, at the moment, at this point in time, this turned out to be quite enough. Kristal bongacams private.

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