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Now the renewed beauty was supposed to teach psychology in one of the capital’s universities.
For solidity, Shevchenko made her the candidate of science.
Arriving at the place and finding the right entrance Alex was in no hurry to go inside.

First of all, he took a mobile phone and called Elena’s home number.
After several long beeps, the handset answered.
Male voice! – Hello, listen.
Alex was confused for a moment.
No, of course he suspected that the doll might not be alone.
After all, Shevchenko decided to try again and reprogrammed the girl into a completely autonomous existence and free connections.
And yet, an unfamiliar man in the company of an experimental robot – it can be said force majeure and not the most successful combination of circumstances in his case.
– Good afternoon, may I hear Elena Nikolaevna? – asked Telegin.
– Whom ?! – repeated the tube.
“Elena Nikolaevna,” repeated Alex, “Radchen.”
That is, Mikhailov! Elena Nikolaevna Mikhailov !.
– Ah.
Well, who are you to her? – the interlocutor asked in a business-like manner.
“I am her classmate,” Telegin lied.

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Here, I arrived yesterday in the capital, decided to meet.
– Oh, I see.
– responded at the end of the wire – she moved.
Two months already as.
That’s the number! Alex certainly did not expect such a turn! But the surprises did not end there.
– How to get married, so immediately moved.
She now in my opinion lives in Odintsovo.
Yeah news! Telegin was very surprised.
Ay, yes, Lena! Ay yes synthetic doll! After all, they erased the whole person, they changed the attractive face, so that it would not shine anywhere else, launch it in a new way, but nothing has changed! How was the adventurer, and remained.
And such among the robots are found.
“And now she is not Mikhailova,” the interlocutor continued, “Nekrasov.”
Can you give it a new address? – BUT? What? – Alex has not yet recovered from what he heard, – Yes, yes! If not difficult, of course.
– Yeah, so, here.
Write down? So, Odintsovo.
Zhenya, sitting behind the wheel, questioningly, but for now silently watched Alex’s reaction.
She was already aware that the beloved was going to rescue her sisters by origin, and therefore considered it her duty to help Alex in this noble cause.
– Something happened? – finally she asked – No, everything is all right – Telegin smiled at the girl, then asked himself: – You do not know how to get to Odintsovo? Now it was the turn of Eugene indulgently smile at his master.
Doesn’t he know that with a car navigator you can reach any known address?
Alex shrugged and again lost in thought.
Not only did the redhead managed to jump out and change the name, but also changed the address! Yeah, before Shevchenko experimented.
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