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Likavika bongacams.
Sergey knew how to make a man happy at the first stage, he already felt the prostate and massaged it, adding new waves of pleasure to his caresses.
– Oh, cool, Serge, you’re super – Good boy, I like you – said my guest freeing his tender mouth.
– I adore you my first man.

– Wait, I have not yet become.
Do you want to try in the ass? I will help you with the first time.
– Let’s try if I can.
– For the first time it may not work out. There is nothing terrible about it.
– How should I accommodate my experienced friend? Sergey lay on his back, his cock stood in all its glory.
I took out a condom and put it on another man for the first time, richly smeared with gel.
– And now try to sit on my dick facing me.
So you can control your feelings, speed and depth.
I sat above my lover, crouched over him.
His term in grease rested in my crotch.
With one hand, leaning on the chest of the partner, the second I sent his body to his undeveloped hole.
– What is it hard.
– Let’s not be afraid, try to sit on it.
The head rested on the ring of the anus, I tried to raze it, as taught in the instructions for anal sex, and felt how gradually she began to sink into me.
– Aaaa somehow tightly going.
– Do not hurry and it will hurt.
Gradually getting used to the sensations, I continued to descend on the hard member, feeling how it fills me.

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Here the head slipped inside.
– Mmmmm, sick.
– Suffer my boy, do not hurry yet, get used to the size. I obediently stopped, began to listen to my feelings.
On the screen, one of the guys famously rode on not a small member of his friend, I am clearly still far from such an extension.
The tension in the anus gradually receded, the ring took the size of my guest and I continued to sit down until I sat down on it completely.
– Oooh, how cool.
What is your tight ass.
– Well, for you, you have never been with anyone.
– How do you feel? – Not yet.
– Well, you sit down poprikny, for the first time it will be enough to move a couple of times, otherwise you can repulse the desire to repeat.
Serge’s hand caressed my dick, masturbating him.
I stroked his chest, and with my other hand I pulled her back and massaged his testicles.
The member in me continued to throb. I tried to rise up and sank down again, having done this a couple of times and having decided that for the first time I had enough of this wonderful organ to be released from myself.
My hole pulsed and seemed not to close.
– Well, how do you feel for the first time? – Not bad, the state is as if I have a specific hole there now.
– It will pass, the first time he is always like that.
I lay on the chest Sergei.
With one hand he pressed me to himself, and the other stroked and crushed my buttocks.
– I enjoy your caresses.
You are very tender.
We merged in my first kiss with a man.
This is an indescribable feeling.
The bristle piercing my face, the soft and tender lips of a partner, his tongue playing with my tongue, strong male hands hugging and stroking all over his body, excited, hard members pressed against each other – this will never be forgotten.
– Do you want

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me now? – Yes with pleasure.
Sergey knelt and elbows, I was in the back.
– Lubricate well. Likavika bongacams.

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