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In total, four nurses arrived, Tanka was the fifth with a physics department, Sani’s girlfriend.
In the midst of the evening, when the two girls were smoking, and the others left to cast, natural scientists gathered behind a screen.
-How much we sypem? – Zhorka said that at the tip of a teaspoon.

-Come on for reliability by half a spoon.
-Okay, where our not disappeared.
And they showered on a half-spoon of the potion, injecting it with vodchonka.
Having filled all the piles, each took his dose of alcohol in his left hand, and the subjects for his right.
-Girls, let’s drink to love! – For love! Hooray! After some time, it became noticeable that the girls were reddened, their eyes became languid and drunk, which was inadequate to the amount drunk.
After a few more minutes, Tanka went behind a screen, from where she went out into a bra.
There were more glasses on her clothes.
Rushing toward the door, she opened it, and ran down the corridor, waving her underpants at the run, squeezed in her hand like a box.
Sanya, catch me! – Catch her, Sanya! Bring back! In FIG us such an advertisement! Sanya hardly caught her friend and dragged her into the room, she kissed on the move, like a mad woman, and strove to grab Sanya for his causal place.
I want to Fuck me in all holes! The rest of the girls, inspired by such an example, grabbed their partners between their legs and tried to throw them on the floor.
We had to undress the girls ourselves, because they were trying to free themselves from clothes with a jerk, tearing off buttons, loops and so on.
The boys, undressing, defended themselves as best they could, because the girls wanted to tear off their clothes abruptly, regardless of the buttons and the buckles.

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Finally, everyone got rid of the clothes.
Two girls have already pulled their nipples and pussies, unable to restrain the passion.
In the two pairs of girls were the bottom, in three – the guys.
A terrible bang began.
The girls fucked like wild beasts.
Girlish screams rang out: -Give me! – Oh, how cool! -I damn you.
! -I’m excited! The guys were silent, amazed by the effect produced by the pathogen on the girls.
In all five pairs, the active side was women, even from the bottom, they were arched and podmahivali so that the partners risked moving down from them to the floor.
Alik and Diman finished, but Tonia and Luda did not give them time to rest.
They threw their partners on their backs, passionately kissed her lips and jerked off their belongings.
Sanaa, Vite and Vova, when they let down, also did not give time to rest.
The girls were becoming more demanding, they ordered the boys to work with tongues, fingers, rubbed on the boys’ knees.
Attempts to stop the guys to drink and eat, met with abuse: -Impotents! -We cannot leave us.
be as we want! -Now let’s go out on the street, to catch pedestrians men! The guys did not know where to go.
Suddenly there was a knock at the door.
-Who’s there? -It is me, Jora! – Zhora, come on in! Save me What to do? -How many poured? – Half a spoon.
– Make a fool to pray to God.
Okay, I foresaw it.
With me are four fighters.
I can save you only if you allow
be your women.
– We don’t care now.
Zhora with four fighters put the girls in a row with cancer, and they began to fuck them.
After some time, the girls turned on his back.
Again cancer.
And again on the back.
The exemplary trakhalovo continued for a very long time.
Mathematics students only drank and ate, moving away from the shocks of the night.
Later it turned out that the team of chemists had developed a tool to increase male potency, worse than Viagra.
Chemists deliberately spread the rumor about the pathogen, the male population of the hostel pecked at it without fail, all over 100% of clients did an overdose.
But the main thing is to accurately calculate the time, so that the men do not stop.
to death
Chemists took their home-grown “Viagra” and boldly went to smack other girls.
All men clients have reached the condition and did not stand up to protect their property – the charms of their girlfriends.
And the girlfriends were on edge and willingly accepted strong members of the Jorina team in all their sweet holes.
Is it all true or fiction? What

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city was it in? In which university? Live sex channels online.

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