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Doctor, I, of course, saw the members in porn, but did not expect that the 17-year-old guy will have such a trunk.
Unlike his sister, Vlad had a shave and because of this, his member probably seemed much larger.
It was purple, as I remember it now, smooth, with translucent veins and a heavy bag of eggs.

This whole feast of flesh moved toward me, lying defenseless on the floor.
Then Anya grabbed me and literally threw me on a narrow and long bench.
“Like, bitch, caused my brother? Not to you first! ”Of course, I didn’t imagine all this, I wanted Vlad to love me dearly, but instead I was lying on a bench, with my legs upside down, which his sister was holding, standing above me, and trembling from a mixture of fear and lust, that now this cudgel will tear everything inside me.

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“Has she prepared her already?” Vlad asked her sister.
I was confused that both of them were so calm and confident, surely this is not their first time.
I didn’t see Vlad, because I had a review that covered Ani’s crotch, but I heard him spit, apparently on my hand to smear my head with saliva, and after a second I felt like something hot and thick was being pushed between my lips.
I wanted to scream from the pierced pain, but then Anya took and almost sat on my face.
I had nothing to breathe and, in order to breathe in some way, I had to get into Anya again.
She groaned with pleasure and rose slightly.
Vlad, having deflorated, stopped for a second, and then, gradually accelerating like a car, he began to hammer his member into me.
I was led then, I felt an incredible languor, the sensations were not the same as during masturbation, and I myself did not notice then how I grabbed Anna’s strong ass, diligently sucking on her big clit, and put her arms around Vlad.

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I heard Vlad praise her sister for having found such a “catchy bitch.”
I can not forget this first member, then it seemed to me that he gets me right to the brain, because it was there that my first emotions from sex were given by the whole firework.
I do not remember how long this action lasted, one thing I remember is that Vlad finally moved at an incredible speed, and when he pulled a member out of me, I felt hot drops like siphous boiling hot water falling on me, and almost at that very moment Anina juices flowed into her mouth.
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