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Nicole moved her ass to him, despite the fact that the aching pain had not yet passed – her torment was sweet.
She felt like a butterfly trembling on a pin that had pierced through it.
Another movement – and she fell powerlessly, strung on his trunk.

The muscles inside her vagina rhythmically contracted, squeezing his cock in him, prompting him to erupt.
Mark growled in his womb, ending at his newly minted mistress, and pressed her into the bed with his mighty body, exhaustedly closing his eyes.
She belonged to him now.
His Nicole.

The greatest but in my life a pleasant shock, shock, I experienced when I was in the 9th grade.
I was then 15 years old.
And what do you think, what was such a shocking event for me? The first love? Unexpected victory in sports? You would never guess.
This was the case when my uncle offered to give me an enema.
It happened when I stayed with him during spring break.
Until then, no one ever gave me an enema, and I did not even know what it was.
It was so unusually pleasant, shameful, a little scary, but exciting. Live tv sex video.

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