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Her body does not excite me, she is small, thick, her breasts are hanging down, her nipples do not react to my touches, and her vagina is too big for my penis.
In addition, she does not know how to squeeze the muscles of the vagina and can not put his legs on my shoulders so that my penis goes deeper into it.
So my sex life is a complete fiasco, and for me e.

I am a serious and necessary business.
As you know, I love the female body – breasts, armpits, and pubis (by the way, I really love when pubic hair is trimmed in a rhombus or rectangle shape, and does not stick out in all directions with shrubs; it is very sexy, aesthetic and Convenient to lick pi.
dy – and lips of the vagina, and the clitoris, and the pubis itself.
Do it for me, honey!) And also – write in more detail about your clitoris – how long, what color, is it sensitive, in a word, everything.
This will help me properly lick it and excite you.
I want to know everything about your erogenous zones before I enter you.
Now I imagine how with my chin I caress the hair on your pubic hair.
God, I’m going to finish again.
My x.
just exhausted! I’m running.
8, 2001 Received your message: how sweet.
Insatiable my.
I love to throw his legs on his shoulders and feel a member as deep in himself as he can get.
This is one of my favorite poses.
I love to feel the male member, while the vaginal walls and cervix still pulsate with pleasure; to feel the full force of His pushes and the flow of sperm by the fountain.
Inexpressible pleasure! I am not very hairy in the genital area, so I do not shave the pubis: my hair grows neatly, so that the pubis looks gentle and the clitoris is easily accessible, not lost in the undergrowth.

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But if you want me to cut a rectangle or something like that – easily.
My clitoris is my god, my little pink weakness.
Knowing it and feeling it, you own me entirely.
One time I caressed myself after my lover had finished, and he started sucking on my legs, you know, there were many mixed and unexpected feelings: from – “my God, he kisses my legs” to – “my God, this is amazing nicely”.
I love it when they caress the earlobes, neck.
And in general, I am one continuous erogenous zone.
8, 2001 I want to add to the previous letter.
Let’s not use words like “x.
“, “P.
a “and so on.
It cools me down.
Quite enough – “dick”, “fuck”, etc.
I want tenderness, I prefer (for all my openness) some sort of romance, tenderness, caress.
Good? Let it be a “boy.”
8, 2001 Sweet Flo! Sorry for rude words.
You’re absolutely right.
You feel very subtle.
What a pity that your personal life did not work out.
You are such a hot, sensual woman.
But the children will soon grow up, fly out of the nest, the husband of a stranger, and we must look for a man: it’s not very pleasant to make a century of one.
But as you know, finding a friend-lover is not so easy.
Maybe you need to actively try just sex.
Looking for a lover, not just a friend-lover.
You have to satisfy yourself, especially since at your age constant sex is simply necessary, otherwise you are threatened with early menopause.
Try to find them with a huge Negro chlenom- seems to be excellent lovers.
I see you now in a chair, you spread your legs on the arms of the chair, and I drive my member back and forth over your pink clit (he is like a miniature member), and then give it to you in your mouth.
I very rarely cum in my mouth.
Maybe because they did not come across real masters-blowjob, and maybe – I am so arranged.
Another possible reason that I always want to extend the pleasure.
And if you cum in your mouth, then everything else will not be so sweet.
So for me, as a rule, blowjob is only preparation for genuine sex.
But with you I am so excited that I feel an explosion coming.
Or you just do it so well.
You lick, work with the tongue, bite It slightly with your teeth, squeeze the base of

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the penis strongly with your hand, while the other hand beats the scrotum and strokes the testicles. Livejasmin videos hd.

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