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My kisses moved to her chest.
My tongue walked over her pink nipples, and she was tickled, I slowly ran the tip of my tongue from chest to navel.
And then kissed him as slowly went down below.

A flashback appeared in my head from the summer: bright sun, beach, bikini and Christina’s completely smooth pubis.
I pulled off Sveta’s panties and kissed her hairy pubis and labia.

Slightly bitter grease.
I dug a kiss into her, and now my dick pressed into jeans through the jeans.
I did not make her a long cunniling.
I licked her clit and sex lips.
My tongue only once penetrated her cave and after that I stood over Sveta and pulled off my jeans.
I got the condom out of the pockets of the same jeans, which I had been carrying in my pocket for a month.
I opened it and pulled on the penis.
Not the first condom on my dick.
I bought them a couple of times earlier in order to jerk off, and in general so that when it is necessary “for business” I don’t be trapped.
I leaned over the Light.
She was trembling like an aspen leaf.

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I did not say anything, just kissed her gently on the lips.
– Want.
She whispered.
With my head, I felt her juicy pussy.
I tried for about a minute to send my dick to the right place.
Her pussy was so virgin that I could not imagine how my dick fit in her.
Now only I understood how much Masha developed the hole.
My phallus penetrated it without difficulty immediately.
With Light everything is different.
After some effort, I still sent my body to the right place.
So narrow was not her.
I jerked into the Light.
I admit it hurt myself because of how narrow it was there.
Even the grease did not help.
Sveta firmly dug nails into my back.
org) I felt that the girl hurt, but nevertheless did not stop.
I began to enter smoothly on a little bit.
Slowly, very slowly, with each new movement a little deeper than the previous time.
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