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The girl nodded affirmatively.
“And there is nothing shameful about the fact that you look at me and my body during classes,” Hassar abruptly changed the subject and let go of Tina’s face, give her the opportunity to rest in such a difficult moment for the girl.
“There is nothing prejudicial about it.”

– Maya reached for the zipper on her shoulder and unhooked the clasp under the golden rose, letting her robe fall freely to the floor, holding the flower with her hands.
Seeing how light waves fell on a stone, a weightless cloth, Tina’s heart sank hard in her chest, and below the abdomen everything very pleasantly pulsed, moistening.

Tina’s womb involuntarily trembled.
The girl was not a small effort to stop the suddenly rolling orgasm.
She sat with her head down, looking at the Teacher’s bare legs.
What a smooth skin.
and what a beautiful color.
“Excitement with hot waves dusted the body.
Everything was pleasantly spinning in my head, and my heart seemed ready to jump out of my chest.
»Just like with opium.

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“Maya, slowly and gracefully, half-sitting, picked up her dress and carefully folded, put a cape next to sitting Tina.
The girl furtively examined naked Hassar.
Her slim and tall body.
Graceful back bend.
Smooth skin of bronze color.
The small bosom was agitated and shuddered elastically when Maya carefully removed the rose from her shoulder and laid it on her clothes.
– Tina “Mian.
– Mentor approached.
She liked how a young girl tried to quietly study her.
Slowly, Hassar straightened her hair.
Yes, – Tina barely broke off from looking at her slender, beautiful legs, squeezing her own tight, feeling how tense and warmed her bosom was.
The girl managed to take emotions under a little control.
And she involuntarily raised her eyes higher, running her eyes over the large intimate lips, which smoothly and resiliently rose between wide hips, and covered with sparse black hairs in the lower part of the rounded abdomen.
Nude indian male models.

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