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The main thing in such a relationship – they should like both partners.
– Come for an acquaintance and for a good fishing, – I took out a flask of brandy, and splashed a little bit in coffee.
“I think there will be no bite until the evening, I will sunbathe, bathe, if you fish, go behind the stones, you can throw a spinning and try the bait,” Cyril and I drank coffee, I undressed and went into the water.

I enjoyed relaxing on this island, as I was used to, and I was not going to change my habits.
Then I lay in the sun, putting my back and chest.
After some time, Cyril approached, he stood by the water, carefully, as if thinking, pulled off his panties, threw them on the bushes, and began to walk slowly in the water.
He seemed to show me his beautiful body, long slender legs, tight, taut ass, teenage lean shoulders.
I felt warm waves rising in the lower abdomen.
My dick began to pour blood, the foreskin slowly began to bare prick.
When Cyril came out of the water, he stood up, putting his back to the sun, raised his hands, clasping them behind his head, his bath after swimming all shrunk in a frame of light-colored, almost invisible in the sun hair.
– Can I pour myself cognac? – the voice of the young man slightly trembled.
We put Yulenka, rid of clothing, cancer in the machine.
Her beautiful, young, 18-year-old body trembled with lust.
There were three of us.
I personally inserted a ball gag into her mouth and fastened it.

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About a dozen candles and several torches burned in the gloomy room.
I opened

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the scroll and read out to her aloud: “Since ancient times, the mystics of our organization considered the anus to be the portal of the soul.
The gateway to the afterlife.
The portal that connects the soul and body to the world of spirits, through which demons and angels enter the human body and leave it! Through which you can avatar person.
Having fucked you there, O Julia, we will let you fuck a hundred thousand of the most disgusting and lascivious demons, expand the possibilities of your avatarity, your avatar slavery.
We will open your gate! Oooh !.
We will open you! Then my friend began to slap Julia on the buttocks, pulling her pussy, her little pussy, and then gently insert the finger of her still virgin anus.
After that, our first friend took off his pants and swimming trunks.
The rest, too, got rid of the pants.
Penis we stood.
The first one came up to the bowl with liquid honey, smeared some cock with a little bit of sugar and put powdered sugar on the penis from the second bowl, went up to Yulenka and, playing carefully with the entrance, sharply drove his 16-cm dick into her ass.
And froze.
Yulia, who was strung together on the penis, started shaking and, of course, started up sharply from this procedure.
My second friend put Yulia in the ears of the earbud-earplug and sent electronic music into her ears from a cyber-player.
The music was difficult, and zombiruyuschuyu on anal lust.
A minute later, our first friend began a leisurely movement in her ass.
Gradually, he quickened his movements, and finally, he moved to a gallop of frictions that was fluttering on Yulenka’s buttocks.
Yulenka mooed, from the recording flowed, and she was INSPIRING! She moaned half painfully, half lustfully.
It was a mixture of lust and pain.
We, the two of us free, wanted to jerk off from these sounds.
Soon our first friend finished.
And Yulenka is not yet! But he took the second place, also inflicting honey and sugar powder on his dick at 18 centimeters.
With the second Yulenka went into orgasm and finished. Nude plus size lingerie models.

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