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Some connection was traced to the appearance of forest giants – elks in the city – what happened, according to eyewitnesses, last fierce winter.
Having captured a decent piece of space from the taiga, the megalopolis continued its creeping occupation, infecting the adjacent forests with warranted lifelessness.
Forest dwellers sought to retire to the depths of the native and infested with real life thickets and drive them into the city could only some urgent need.

Such, for example, which apparently made the Forest Witch herself appear in the realm of artificial light, artificial dwellings, artificial words and relationships.
The session, with all its burdens, ended in a deaf crescendo of the last exam.
Soft and even heat filled the entire space of the day, free from cramming.
However, the transparent daytime heat was slowly diluted with a misty alcohol stream.
Sheltered under a reticulated blanket of forest twilight, on the bank of a quiet forest pond, a group of students tried to rest their tired brains.
Velvet, with surprising ease for itself, gathered the dose necessary for complete relaxation and crawled into the shade of a jasmine bush, idly watching how the movements and speeches of the study companions lose meaning and become amusing incompleteness.

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“Skip it, perhaps.”
“Business is master’s.
Shit or something, guys.
God is with us and to hell with them! ”
And the discordant crescendo of enamelled mugs.
The fun gained momentum (“And how did Petka explain to Vasil Ivanich what logic and philosophy are you know?”).
Sunny stream slowly poured on bare shoulders.
Light pranks of the breeze ruffled the grass already high, ready for a hay, and swayed bright drops of flowers, splashing into the space multi-colored drops of butterflies and transparent dragonflies.
Among the half-naked students, Ariana, dressed in black, inadvertently tied in with a company craving for alcohol, reigned in a black dress.

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It seems her friend invited Velvet.
In the morning, unable to languish in anticipation of meeting with friends, he managed to look into his beloved grandmother and secretly sip bragi from a huge bottle stored in a closet.
It was necessary to drink it not only with an eye on, but also through a special brass tube, in the use of which the friend achieved high perfection.
Velvet appreciated the height of the drinking art of his friend, having visited his grandmother once with him.
The natural awkwardness, which always served as a certain obstacle to the use of cribs, was aggravated by the taste of the legendary brew, which was aggravated by confusion before the grandmother’s grandson’s amazing abilities.
Velvet was bored to think that the half-drunk friend’s lustfulness played a decisive role in Ariana’s invitation to a picnic.
It seemed much more interesting to find three hundred similarities and differences with the real picture before the eyes (half-naked, unbridled young men and restrained, almost not drinking, Ariana in full dress) and the elegant composition “Breakfast on the Grass”.
In addition, he found a very sensible idea that the color of visible reality was approaching the splendor of the colors of Renoir, and completely fell into slumber.
Sleep in summer afternoon.
He dreamed of the elegant magnificence of the incredible.
A pair of thin, pale hands stretched toward him.
Her hands – Forest Witch.
His face was pleasantly tickled by soft long hair — her hair.
And her face covered the sky and the stars from him, the entire outside world, devoid of any meaning.
He could not see, but in a strange way still saw another pair of hands, strong dark brown male hands, stretching towards the waist of the Forest Witch.
Hands that combined aristocratic grace and victorious determination.
could belong only to him – Orpheus.
Now there were three of them.
Now disappeared invisible visual thread connecting them.
Now their relationship has become tangible, bodily.
The movements of the loins of Orpheus were gently transmitted to the thighs of the Forest Witch, and with the finest convulsions they poured into the muscles of the Velvet.
The three of them created, ruled and obeyed the same rhythm, bewitching perfection of pristine origin.
The body of the Forest Witch breathed intoxicating smells of the wild forest, and they sank into them, dissolved in them, split into transparent petals and rainbow splashes, circle one another and merge into a single, unbearably dazzling cloud that, even being a part of it, Velvet is all he could hug, press to his chest and suffocate, from the ineffable, tenderness that flows from the most secret depths of nature. Online movie watch sex.

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