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People having sex on camera.
They were caused by a drying out of my writing, which richly wetted my pants.
It never occurred to me that my pussy can be used for something other than the usual purpose.

But a little time passed and the hormones that did not receive further stimulation were silenced.
What he saw began to seem something artificial, not real, specially invented for cinema life flowing on the other side of the screen and not having access to the real world.

The voice of my body did not wake up, only began to toss and turn in me with unconscious desires, somehow languishing at night.
So I would have led my student life in syshkakh audience in lectures and competitions in gymnastics.
However, everything comes its time.
My time has come to know the sexual side of being.
Relations with the guys around me were short-lived and mostly related to my studies.
Someone asked for notes, someone I asked to rewrite my tape.
Someone, my appearance caused shyness, it was evident from the rapidly diverted view from my small breasts.

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Someone just slid indifferent look at me.
At the beginning of the new academic year, he appeared in our group.
He was three years older than me and appeared in our group, having recovered from the institute after serving in the army.
The first time I saw Valery, that was his name, at the entrance to the audience on the first couple.
He stood at some distance from a group of my fellow students.
Passing by him, I felt his attentive gaze on me.
Our eyes met for a moment, and his gaze left me with some joyful expectations.
I felt the wings behind my back.
The surrounding objects became somehow brighter and more colorful, and the surrounding fellow students became nice and kindred people.
Soon the bell rang, everyone quickly sat down at the tables.
People having sex on camera.

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