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Do you want Yeah.
She moaned.

The pain has become stronger.
He continued, but not immediately.
At first I let her cool down a little, removing her fingers, kissing her neck, shoulders.
She hugged him, pulling him tight.
They both burned.
But then he got up, tearing himself off her, freed himself from his clothes and lay down beside him.
Her fingers continued to caress her lower abdomen, and her lips touched her lips.
Unable to withstand the gentle light touches, hot breath, she dug into him with a fiery kiss, wrapped her arms around his neck.
And again he brings it almost to the peak.
But the fingers stop again.
– She moaned, breaking the kiss.
What do you want? – Hot whispering in her ear, he asked, stroking the inner surface of the thighs.
She hugged him tightly, as if asking him not to ask.
Come on.
? What? T-youaaa.
The pain has become even sharper, filling her soul with its poison, as sweetness fills every cell of the body.
This is not what, but whom, ”he grinned softly, not looking up from her ear, stroking between her thighs.
– And what should I do with you, mmm? Real hidden cam masturbation.

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