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Olya and I could not hold back the moans, unable to tear the thirsty lips apart.
Her right hand gently caressed my torso, the left one intertwined in my hair, drawing my head to my passionate lips.
I also touched her hair, turning half a turn.

Pasha, excited by the sight of our kisses, pressed his whole body to his wife’s back, placing his excited cock between her two soft buttocks.
I felt his hands between Oli’s stomach and my back, passionately holding a hot woman to me.

Oli’s moans did not cease and she gently squeezed my dick with her small palm right through the pants, as she did with a member of my friend half an hour earlier.
Unable to hold back any longer, I turned to face the woman, hugged her with both hands, and, feeling the response embrace, eagerly kissed Olya, looking into Olya’s eyes, which were clouded with passion! My thighs and the excited cock pressed against her soft pubis between the shifted legs and the girl rushed about, clinging to one or another excited male phallus.
The woman’s legs did not remain long together: after a moment, I stuck my foot between two sweet thighs, feeling the warmth and satin of the skin and the moisture of her crotch.

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Olya turned in a half-turn to Pasha, passionately kissing him on the lips.
The moans of the girl, muffled by kisses, did not stop for a second.
I pulled back a bit to enjoy the picture of two men and a woman caressing each other, which opened to my gaze.
In this case, my legs were intertwined with Olya’s legs, we caressed each other’s hips and feet, gently squeezing their toes.
I saw how the hands of Pasha, crossed on the belly of his wife, begin to tighten the shirt, opening a beautiful rounded belly.
Four men’s hands carefully pulled the shirt up, the girl’s hands obediently threw up and after a moment, my eyes showed the most beautiful chest, worthy of a sculptor.
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