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Her heaving chest beckons me, and I don’t even try to resist it.
I fall down my lips to the pink, protruding nipple and am buried in this softness and tenderness.
I want to dig into her, fall on my knees and kiss her belly, gently pull off her panties and inhale her nature.

But she pulls me into bed, lays down and lies on top.
Now we both can caress each other.

Naked, wet girlish bodies intertwined into one.
I twist, pull her to me and barely touch the wet slits with the tip of my tongue.
I feel how she twitched and exhaled loudly.
I slide along the lips, looking for the most sensitive and desirable point.
Here she is! A groan, arched, snuggled, and immediately fell to reward me with the same.
Everything is so mixed up – my moans, hers, hot breath, fingers, lips, tongues, fluttering on the clitoris.
Do not make out where she is, and where I am.
And why? I only remember that the orgasm covered me at the moment when my tongue penetrated deep into her body and I greedily drank her juice.
Has she finished?

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She said yes.
In the morning I woke up alone.
I suddenly felt scared that she was gone for good.
She lay in bed for a long time, afraid to look around, to get up and not to see her things habitually scattered around the apartment.
Do not find her bottles and jars in the shower, dirty mugs left in the kitchen sink, shoes in the hallway.
But there was not only a shoe.
I could not find a place for myself.
You could call, ask, hear her voice, understand everything at once, but fear bound me.
This uncertainty left me hope.
– Let’s go on Thursday.
– She stood in a jacket and hat in the doorway of the kitchen door and looked for my eyes.
And when she found him, she turned away and slowly began to slide down, leaning her back on the joint.
What hope? For what?
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